Friday, December 08, 2006

Nick is a star!

I've now got a group of five people - could do with more but five is ace! Can mix in some unknowns, make it interesting. Haha. SO happy and relieve though, this means I can at least get half of my data collection donw before and during Christmas. Again, say it with me... he is a star!

And my stylistics essay is nearly done. And that pretty much concludes this term for me! Have one seminar, one lecture and two tutorials left - then I'm off home to sunny Sweden (it's like 10 degrees at moment and chances of snow for Christmas are slim - I blame global warming. Gosh darn global warming! I know I know, I don't really like snow. But at Christmas? Over Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day even I like it... Anyway, tangent! Sorry) for two weeks. I get to bake and open presents.. oh and, see my family. Haha. Going up to Joanna's for a night, get to meet her friends etc! Will be ace. So long as I don't embarrass her or something. Haha, no cance of that, I'm such a wicked person.


They wouldn't let me buy vodka in Tesco's today. What, do I suddenly look 17 again? It pissed me off to be honest... but I suppose they have to ask and all that.

Hm. I think my life has reached that point where it is so boring I can't even pretend it's fun. I have absolutely nothing to say. Oh, I did get paid in the end. Score!

Yeah I'm off now. Suggestions for what should go in my blog are welcome and dearly appreciated. And come on.. I know other people than my little sister reads this... Where are my comments? Eh? Eh?


Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am, yet again, slightly disillusioned with the Uni and it's ways. Still not been paid for the airport job - had to run my little legs off last week to get it sorted (AGAIN! This job was in SEPTEMBER and I did all the forms/time sheets back then) so now I'm finally getting it on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

As for my Monday job, my time sheet and my details were for some reason not given to personnel on time, so I couldn't get paid last week - again, I had to chase people and finally get promised to be paid on Thursday this week. Again, cross your fingers, good folks.

I don't see how these things always happen to me? Are they deliberately trying to screw me over? If so, why - cos they dislike me? Or are all the people who handle forms, taxes, time sheets etc incompetent? You have to consider that this isn't the mix-up of one department at the uni (personnel) but of two other ones. This time. Last time it was someone completely different. Ah I don't know. Tempted to quit you know. It's not a hard or demanding job, but they do take the piss a bit. And I'm not sure it's really worth the money. Will see what happens.

I'm ill again. Completely flippin' drained and just feel like I've got a bad bad flu. As every other Autumn/Winter of my life, I don't have time to get over one ailment before the other comes along. I know I know, it's the same for everyone. But this is my blog, so let me whinge.

Christmas soon. I can't tell you what I'm planning on giving people cos they all read this. Haha, I'm only giving stuff to mum, dad and Joanna. Cheap? Student!

Bored now. Any Christmas pressie suggestions very very welcome, answers on a postcard!


Monday, November 13, 2006

You know when it's freezing cold outside? You know when it's freezing cold and there's about fifteen people waiting at the bus stop? You'd think people would have their money and passes ready for when the bus gets there, so that everyone can get on as quickly as possible. You know when the bus finally arrives, and people start lining up, how there's always someone who cuts in front of the queue? Fair enough, I'd assume they had their bus pass in their hand and be ready to just fly past the driver. But no, they always have to stop when they get on the bus, pull their gloves off - ever so slowly - and start digging around their bag for the correct change. When this happens, and they are effectively keeping about 14 people out in the cold, don't you just want to go past them, hold your bus pass up to the driver while the annoying person is digging out pennies, and go sit down? I do anyway. And I wouldn't cut the queue if there was a risk of anyone else getting held up, trust me, on the contrary I feel I am doing other poor people a favour as they won't have to wait as long.


This morning, the driver calls me back and has a go at me for not waiting in line. It's not like I was holding the queue up. It's not like I was hindering him from taking the fare off this woman I walked past. It's not like I did it for shits and giggles.

I know, silly thing to be annoyed about. But so what? Pet hate, and all that.

So, what is with bus drivers - or any public service employee - who can't even be civil to people? If you have to let your frustrations out on other people, get a new job where you can sit in a little office in the back of a building and stop trying to get power kicks from the innocent people you are there to work with. Or, get a blog. It works pretty well for getting aggressions out ;-)

Over and out,

Julia xx

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This guy from the charity Shelter came up to me today. He obviously wanted me to give money. Now, he was very very convincing, and seemed like a very nice guy. The right mix between charming and persuasive. He told me three million people in the UK are living in either below standard housing or on the streets, and that one million of them are children. It makes me feel very guilty, the fact that I can't make a long term committment to donating money - I suppose I could this year but what happens next year? I don't know if I'll be struggling to find a job or strugling financially to get through a masters. Either way, after being guilt-tripped for a good ten minutes, I managed to say I'm unable to committ to putting up a direct debit but that I'll look into the charity.

I know I shouldn't feel guilty - I do do good things. I am volunteering for a local school, working with children with 'limited abilities'. Instead of throwing things and clothes I don't want away, I give them to charity. I know I don't do much, but I do do more than most people. And although it's not a competition, I'm just trying to calm my guilty conscience. If I could I would do more.

I should just use the excuse that I don't have an English bank account so can't set up a direct debit, would be so much easier to walk away... ;)


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So... writing isn't easy. I'd like to think I'm being challenged, but the truth is I'm just plain lazy. If it doesn't work straight away, I want to give up. But giving up now would just be silly, got a fair few months left of this. Haha.

Family coming this weekend! Can't wait:) And no, I'm not just saying that cos they're reading this. I am actually looking forward to having to clean my house top to bottom, having to beg my friends to behave, if only for a couple of days, and forcing Mickey to have a shave and make smalltalk... Haha, only joking, I love cleaning really.

Am currently sat in a computer lab on campus trying to decide whether I can be bothered staying til three to go to a SCAN meeting. The question is, do I WANT to write for the uni newspaper? Honest to God, I do not know. Joanna says I do, so maybe. Will see!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Family coming over next weekend, will be ACE to see them. Been a while... And what with me being in sunny England all Summer, I haven't spent more than a week with them since June. Odd! They're only coming for two nights, but it's still be tremendous. Going to good old manc on the Sunday for a cultured day with Teh Mickey :)

Got quite a lot to do at the moment, but I still want to do more. Will be ringing some schools tomorrow to see if I can do a volunteer teaching thing one day a week. Seeing as I have two full weekdays off uni a week I might as well fill one of them with something sensible. And unpaid.

Creative Writing is a bit mental. Not got LOADS to write but I think I need to pick it up a notch. Both in terms of words, and the quality... Decided I will do 2000 words a day. Every day. It doesn't all have to be publishable - or even submittable - so long as I get my ass into gear type thing. Have joined the nanowrimo ( so in November I will write 3000 a day - that's 2000 for the novel and at least 1000 for *other*... The thing is.. I need to do it. Maybe not for my degree, but just to prove to myself I can work when I need to, not just the night before a deadline. So far today I've written zilch - but there's still 3.5 hours to go! Haha.

Did I tell you bout Brum? Brum was ace. A minor disappointment involving a.. misunderstanding.. but I had a fab time with Tara, Karin, Lynne, David and Daz. And Brum is just amazing. I'm afraid I spent way too much money - on clothes and fabrics. Will make sure I post the results of my current sewing spree (which will probably end in about five minutes, but y'kno..).

Am planning on going to Bowland's Christmas ball - and I've even convinced Mike to come! Our first date.. hehe. Was surprised that he agreed, I think he secretly enjoys getting dressed up in a dark suit and dancing the night away with a pretty lady... (that's me, for those of you who didn't get that). And anyway, my point WAS that I'm making my dress for it. Although I bought three very nice, fancy, shiney fabrics, so it'll just depend on which one turns out nicer.. Have started a brown satin one, trying some boning for it which I've never done before, might well blow up in my face. Literally. Will ask opinions when they're all done.

Speaking of.. opinions. Why aren't you commenting? I KNOW people are reading this.. and I know I may not be the most interesting blogger ever but come ooooon... ;)

I'll try harder if you do. Haha.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm pretty stressed right now. Yes, I've nearly finished the bloody thing. And I think I'm about as happy with it as I could possibly be. But y'kno. Still stressed. Finishing the last little bits and bobs, and it annoys me. I hate deadlines. But then again, I hate exams more. Well.. do I? I don't know.

Mike's coming tonight, thank God. Just need to relax for a night. All this stressing is making me ill, I think. My entire body is just aching, and I've had a headache for the last few days. Typical lurgy - fresher's flu? Haha. I'm gonna say it's the stress, cos paracetamol haven't been helping at all. Switching to beechams now...

Working yesterday went really well, the boss rang me up this morning saying I did SUCH a good job, I am PERFECT for the position, and I'm a great mixture of calm and relaxed, and efficient and intelligent. Haha, I'm wondering what's shes' basing that on - my ability to move chairs? To hand out papers? To be friendly to old ladies? Either way, I really enjoyed it. Could imagine a similar job in the future actually.. But yeah.

Had a good idea for my next dissertation last night - forensic phonetics. Cos let's face it, I'm good at it. And I'm interested in it. And my supervisor is as well. Sooo... I'm just waiting for him to reply to my email, see what he reckons. This time I swear I'm going to do everything right. Starting next week.

..anyone believe me?

Stef is cooking blue cheese pasta downstairs, it smells really nice.. But don't think I can eat anything right now. Had food not too long ago...

I just read something I haven't read in a long time. Well, two things. The first one is a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 'the Yellow Wallpaper', which we read in English a few years back. It was amazing. Well, it's still amazing. More than a hundred years old but still quite modern. Read it, if you haven't already. Second thing I read, was the bottom of my lunch box. It's a Lenore lunch box, and there's a pig saying... ' there. I am a hidden piggy. For some reason, I was put on the bottom of this really heavy box. Each time you put this box down, it hurts real bad. Please don't hurt me anymore. I was thinking that maybe you could fill it up with like marshmallows or something. You like marshmallows.'

I'll leave you to ponder the little piggy's words of wisdom now.

Until next time!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

So last night/this morning an old mate phoned me. Woke me up, but it was absolutely ace talking to him again... It got me thinking, I am so very very bad at staying in touch with people. Started writing letters, got to.. one. Lucky Karin! Heh. I keep meaning to. And it's not like I don't have the time to do it... As I have so few hours at uni, I can divide my time up as I want. But am thinking that maybe I need to get into the 'swing of things' (as Dave so eloquently put it) before I write letters? There will be enough writing this year as it is, but I just don't know where to start.

Well. The number one priority THIS week is finishing the LING232 dissertation. I don't know where I stand. I read it and re-read it and I go back through my notes and I think I've got it all down. Some minor things left to do, few more paragraphs on the lit review, as well as in the conclusion. Apart from that, just need the acknowledgements and the abstract, really.

And after this week is over... I'm taking a weekend off EVERYTHING. Lol. Cos that's unusual! After that, I need to think of a topic for my LING201 diss... Am wanting to do something on acoustics and phonetics, not sure what though. Any suggestions welcome.

And then... Creative writing. This term I'm doing both intermediate and non-fiction, next term intermediate and long fiction - all work due right before Easter. Soooo... planning ahead? Be a good student, Julia, work hard and you won't get stressed in the end. Buhullshit! Best get cracking fair soon anyhow.

Now to the fun parts... Karin is coming next week!!! YEY! Can't wait. We shall most definately be going to the Sugarhouse, so if you're a lancastrian (obv, someone I know...) you'd best be there and meet our Kalin! Bwahah.

Last Thurs in Sugar was pretty good, we managed to drag Gill along :-) Stef and Katy didn't enjoy it though - shocker. Haha.

I'd best be off before this turns into another very teenagey, uninteresting post... I read other blogs and feel guilty cos I don't put any effort into this, it's all me-me-me... I could at least TRY to amuse yous.



Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So I am officially self employed. How very grown up!

Went to Brum for Warren's birthday on Monday, was an ace night! And cool to meet Rose (and Chris, obviously!). Will def make more of an effort to go to Brum more, it's like.. the best place ever. Well, nearly. And Warren's family is lovely as well!

Andandand I would like to see the Johns, not been there in ages and feeling kinda bad.. Have pretty much lost touch with them:( Next time I'll go for longer! And see more people! And spend a lot more money in the ace market! Only bought a jacket this time... It's very glittery, not sure what to do with it. Will post a picture, if I can be bothered.

So yeah, self employed. Do taxes and NI and all that jazz... It's for the translation work. Now I'm just hoping I will get some more assignments from them so it will actually be worth the hassle.. lol.

Have a job interview Friday with some retail company thingy. Wish me luck! Problem is, the interview is in Preston. Well, that isn't the problem. The problem is a lady from uni wants me to do the international arrivals, and come up for an 'informal chat' at the end of this week... Which is all good and well, but will I be able to make it to uni before they go home Fri afternoon, if I'm in Preston at 3? Hope so... Emailed the retail lady to ask if I could do the interview a bit earlier, if she doesnt spot my email tomorrow I'll have to ring and ask... Ah, it will work out! If nothing else, I'll go to Lancs, meet with uni lady mid day, then go down to Preston... Lots of travelling, but hey... 'those who don't travel only read the first page' Haha.

Bored now, more writing later.

So I am officially self employed. How very grown up!

Went to Brum for Warren's birthday on Monday, was an ace night! And cool to meet Rose (and Chris, obviously!). Will def make more of an effort to go to Brum more, it's like.. the best place ever. Well, nearly. And Warren's family is lovely as well!

Andandand I would like to see the Johns, not been there in ages and feeling kinda bad.. Have pretty much lost touch with them:( Next time I'll go for longer! And see more people! And spend a lot more money in the ace market! Only bought a jacket this time... It's very glittery, not sure what to do with it. Will post a picture, if I can be bothered.

So yeah, self employed. Do taxes and NI and all that jazz... It's for the translation work. Now I'm just hoping I will get some more assignments from them so it will actually be worth the hassle.. lol.

Have a job interview Friday with some retail company thingy. Wish me luck! Problem is, the interview is in Preston. Well, that isn't the problem. The problem is a lady from uni wants me to do the international arrivals, and come up for an 'informal chat' at the end of this week... Which is all good and well, but will I be able to make it to uni before they go home Fri afternoon, if I'm in Preston at 3? Hope so... Emailed the retail lady to ask if I could do the interview a bit earlier, if she doesnt spot my email tomorrow I'll have to ring and ask... Ah, it will work out! If nothing else, I'll go to Lancs, meet with uni lady mid day, then go down to Preston... Lots of travelling, but hey... 'those who don't travel only read the first page' Haha.

Bored now, more writing later.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mike's birthday was Saturday, was a great night out!! Mark came out, as did Rob, and Sarah... So happy they did, they're all ace! Hehe. Ended up staying in Lloyds for ags, not the best bar ever but it did me. Then we, for some inexplicable reason, went to a karaoke bar. I think we stayed there about 20 minutes before we buggered off. Interesting night after that, I love trying to convince two drunk lads they wanna walk home;) Heh, wasn't that bad really!

Sarah moved to Spain today... going to miss her so much! But I suppose it's an excuse to visit Madrid. Made her a card, hope she liked it...

Going up to Lancs tomorrow for a meeting with my dissertation tutor. I'm positively petrified! But I'm sure it will be fine... Just need to know what to say. And it's too late tonight to figure it out, maybe on the train tomorrow? Hehe.

Tried to get the storage company to deliver our things tomorrow, think I managed to pissed them off good and proper. It was good fun. In the end they said they needed at least a week's notice - "First we have to find the container, then we have to find the boxes..." What, do they not keep records of where they store things? Such tools - so I can't get my things tomorrow. There goes sorting my room out! Ah well, not like I'm in a hurry anyway.

I'm so hungry, and mouth is well dry. Bought some rubicon earlier, it's just heavenly. But so addictive. And not that cheap.. Ah well.

I'm off, take care lovelies.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's getting to that time of night again. You know, when you're starting to feel it's too late to go to bed, and you're quite tired but at the same time you're not.

Uni has charged me for stuff they claim is wrong with my room - I don't agree with it all but there's no way I can complain really, won't ever get it back. It's only 15 quid anyway. Ha, there's the danger. How long do I have to work to get 15 quid? Three hours. Yes, I get minimum wage. And what could I do with 15 pound? Buy lots of food. Buy good books, keep me entertained for a few hours. Buy part of the bus pass I need to get to and from uni. Buy hats! Lol.

People have been telling me they read my blog... Well, why don't you comment? Am feeling very unappreciated here - no one reads, no one cares... No one appreciates all the time and effort I put into this glorious blog. I am, of course, joking. But comments, reactions (at least to my more serious posts) are appreciated!

Have been doing quite a bit of work on my dissertation lately. No silly amounts, but still. You know, the one on Family Guy? I think I could get it to be quite good actually... not to be bigheaded or anything;)

Am going to Lancaster next week, move some stuff in and meet with my dissertation tutor. Oh, and a night out for Dave's birthday type thing. Will be good to see the house where I'll be spending most of my time this year! I tell a lie, of course. I mean, my intentions for this year are good, but am I really going to keep them? They're only intentions, after all. I'd write them on here, but I'm afraid some of you lovely people will show me up when (sorry, if) I don't stick to them... Hehe.

So, should I bring my sewing machine to Lancs next week? That way I can't be tempted to use it for the next few weeks.. and can focus entirely on teh loveleh dissertation. But then there's charity shops that sell books, there's the internet where films can be downloaded and people can be chatted with, and there's a bed to sleep in... Where there's a will to be distracted, there's a way. So maybe I should keep it, at least that way some of my distraction time will be spent doing something vaguely useful.

Speaking of usefulness of distraction methods (or something?), I just read the Da Vinci Code. And liked it! Surprisingly enough... Have to read it for crewri anyway. Well, in the lent term. Lol. But it's good to be prepared! Next, the Magus or Catch 22.

Right, that time of the night is over... time to lean back with a cig and listen to the Doors. Joke!! I'm just well funny, aren't I? Sleepy..


Thursday, August 24, 2006

The worst experience of my life, to date.

I was happily sitting on the toilet, going about my business. As i was getting toilet paper, unrolling the layers, I see a massive, gruesome, disgusting spider that has crawled INTO THE ROLL, in between the plies.

Needless to say, I nearly panic, chuck the bog roll as far from me as I can on the bathroom floor... Just to see the spider creeping out of the roll, onto the floor, crawling towards me... to attack me!

Me? I'm all itchy and nervy, not wanting to stay in the house and DEFINITELY not going to the bathroom again. Ever.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Now then!

Today has been spent.. mainly in bed. Had some pasta for lunch, messed about on net and with trying to create a dual boot (well, Mike did.. I pretended to have a clue what he was on about. I'm such a girl).. And not he's at work, and I tried going to the shops but.. would you believe it - they're shut! So now I'm sat here, without a clue what to have for dinner. Takeaway? Chinese, maybe? Haha.

Tomorrow will alsp most likely be spent achieving absolutely nowt (should have just stayed in bed like I know how)... Working at night though. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bank holiday... Oh well, I don't HAVE to stay late every night, and I DO get paid for it. So it is worth it, really.

Still haven't heard back from H&M - TOSSERS! Interview was over three weeks ago, and I've even rung to ask where I stand.. But to no avail. I mean, I can take a hint, I know I didn't get the job.. But couldn't they even send out a letter? That's the main reason I'll be phoning them tomorrow.. It's just common courtesey isn't it? I come in for an interview and they can't even spend an A4 sheet and an envelope on telling me "Sorry, no"...

Oh well, I'm happy anyway.

Might tidy this room tonight, can I be bothered? It's a lot of effort.. But at least I will have done something with my day. Tomorrow... library maybe? Ah but then I'm working at night... I think Tuesday is much better for librarygoings. (Monday is Bank Holiday, and on Friday I'll have worked the night before and will work that night.. soooooo. Yeah.)


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Joanna has moved to Falun. W00t?! lol. Her flat is well nice, she will be sharing with a girl called Marie, whom she has yet to meet. Anywho, I'm sure she'll love it - living on own, going to uni, make a new set of friends... etc. Not that there's anything wrong with her old ones, I just mean .. a girl can't have too many friends! Hahaha.

Nah, it's a nice town, the uni looks all new and full of resources - they have access to labs 24/7!! And so on.

Weird though, my ickle sister is old enough to move out... Eek.

Back in Manchester now, it's.. grey. But feels good to be back!

Will write more later...


Saturday, August 12, 2006

True to form, no writing in ages. I'd say I've been WELL busy, but that would be a lie... I'm working, mainly handing out flyers for a bar. Some glass collection/bar work as well, but not too often. It's boring and it's minimum wage, but I don't mind it too much. At least it's not stressful, I'm not being constantly watched by a manager or anything. Still, I'd prefer a proper job. One that pays well, where I don't have to deal with drunken twats and crazy tramps. (The other night one of them asked Jennie if she wanted to buy some cock. I mean, come on...)

Sean and Hanna are up (down? over?) at the moment, we all went out last night. Wasn't too bad, no hangover today! Hehe.

Going home to Sweden next week, both Joannas and my Mums birthdays.. what do I get them? Ideas muchly appreciated!

I'm bored of writing for now... Might return later, but probably not. Apologies, dear readers (cos there's so many of you!), I will not be an awful blogger for all eternity.. ahem.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wow, HOT!

...But there's always something to complain about, isn't there?

We finally have t'internet, after a lot of fannying about trying to get some 'broadband marker' removed from some database - AOL said BT should do it, BT said AOL should. In the end, AOL did, just in case you were wondering about the ending of that fascinating story. Only have dial-up at the minute, but it's better than nothing - It's free for a month, until we get our router through and can use broadband.


Rob was down at the weekend, which was fun - finally someone can say they know Mike's a real person. Hehe. Stef, Katy and Kev, and Mark also came over on Sunday, to BBQ cheap dirty meat. Was fun, and we still have 10 pounds of chicken and a tray of ribs in the freezer, as well as 8 or so cans of beer in the fridge. Success!

So.. I'm 21 now. Old? Ahem. Don't feel different to be honest with you, but then again you never do. It never is a big deal, becoming a year older.

Am currently working in a bar/club in town, mainly doing flyers. Haha. Such a stimulating, challenging job! It's alright actually (well, only done one shift so far, and I quite enjoyed that), and I get to flirt with.. I mean, talk to loads of people all night. :D Am also still searching for jobs, going for interviews, trying to find something that maybe pays a bit better, and doesn't have me working the few rare nights Mickey actually has off work. But y'kno.. a job is a job is a job. Cross your fingers for me on Tuesday please, have an interview for H&M. Perfect, n'est-ce pas?

Would like to take this opportunity to make a congratulatory shout-out - My darling little sister got on to the media production course she wanted, and has accepted her place! Woo! She will kill me for saying she's little, as well as for writing that on here. I don't care, I'm proud. Poor parents will be all on their lonesome come September... I'm sure they're secretly looking forward to it!

Hm, I never know whether to shower before I eat and get my stuff together for work, or whether I should shower last thing I do before leaving the house. Tricky tricky.

Right, that was a wee update from Julia-in-Manchester... Will be in Suedois towards the end of August, will keep you updated with dates and whatnot.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wow. Been a while. I am constantly neglecting the dear blog... Well, at least this time I have a valid reason - I have no internet. And I've been on holiday.
Turkey was wonderful. Amazingly hot (but then we came home to find England very nearly just as hot. Ah well!), the only three downpoints of the holiday were

1) the shopkeeper who got angry when we wouldn't pay a ridiculous amount for some jeans, he chucked them at us and wouldn't let us leave the shop. Needless to say I was shaky after that! Haha.

2) the piece of glass in my muesli, and the fact that the waiters didn't speak enough English to understand what I was saying ("you want cereal in glass? you can put it in a glass if you want to.." while looking at me like I was a crazy lady)

3) the spider that jumped. Bleh.

Other than that, it was all fun and games!

Moved into the house in Manchester a week ago, it's all good and nice... and massive! lol.

Aaaand now I've been sat here too long, it's boiling outside and in this little 'internet cafe' I'm in, I swear it's about 75 degrees celcius. It's the upstairs of a little computer shop in Levenshulme, very lame. Hehe.

Anyways! I'm off, take care everyone...


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sorry, these links are mainly in Swedish. I will, however, let them speak for themselves. I do not have a lot to add at the moment.

piratbyr�n in english

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anti-Christian jeans - a debate on Christian teen forum.

Oh. Dear. God.

Those jeans are ace, btw. Political statement? Sure, if you will. Fashion statement, more like. I love how the kids on that site claim they'd be prosecuted if they wore anti-satanist jeans. So funny!


Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm a tool.

Meant to ring Shell Step today.. and it's a UK bank holiday. Meh. Should've rung on Friday. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Rang TransLitera, and.. the office is closed for lunch. How ace is that:)

Joanna's got a job interview today... so a big shoutout of good lucks to her! Or something like that.

I should just go back to bed.

Can't do that though, got fish cooking in the oven.

So i picked new glasses. I'm not completely sure about them but I do like them. Might grow tired of them quite quickly. But oh well, if I do I'll just have to be a man about it... and throw them on the ground and accidently step on them :D Also getting sunglasses - with like proper glassesglass in them. Hahaha. My English is terrible today. 'Hi, I'm Julia. I'm a translator. What languages? Swedish to English, mainly. If Im good? Well... yeah. I've got a blog to prove my English skillZZZ.'

Oh dear God, I didn't sleep enough.

Don't think I ever mentioned how the Barclays interview went? Or maybe I did... They're twats anyway. In the phone interview I clearly stated I wanted part time. And when the lady, Christine Sutton, rang me up, she said the test was for a part time position. And when I get there, Christine Sutton tells me they don't do part time. I mean wtf! I'd love a job at a bank, I know I'd be good at it. What I need is full time July through September, then part time (like... 3 or 4 days a week depending on my schedule at uni). But apparently they wouldn't be able to keep me up to date with everything that is happening in the banking world if I'm working part time (wouldn't that mean no bank can ever have part time employees?). And then she said... that during the Summer months they take in ex-members of staff to work. And they are kept up to speed how?

So annoyed, had to struggle not to cry.

Then I went outside, it was pissing it down... And met up with Mickey for a bit, got a hug... then a car fucking splashed up! On purpose as well! I bet he's a bus driver in his professional life. It was very annoying.

But then.. I went to Piccadilly and met up with Rob, Louise, Cat, Warren, Tania, Lainey, Pete, Dee and Chris. So turned out to be a pretty good day after all:D Not met them all before, and had really missed the people I have met before... Hadn't seen Warren in TWO YEARS! Madness. Got a wee bit tipsy, then went to ASDA after they all went home... Spent about an hour stood in the vodka aisle talking to Mike. Was good fun:) After that I went back to halls and watched the end of the Eurovision. I liked Lordi, but they're not Eurovision material... Not being patriotic, but Sweden should've won. The only classic Eurovisiony song there was! Haha, I don't care really. Just that I bet a pound on her and lost to Lydia.

I'm nearly finished with the dress I'm wearing Friday. I can't believe my sister is graduating!! Somehow she'll always be about 11 in my eyes.. And she's nearly 19! Craziness. They grow up so fast...

I'm outties - buhbye.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I went to the cinema last night. Saw "Va, vis et deviens" ("Go, see and become") which is a French film (doh!) about a boy whose mother convinces the Israeli military that her son is a Jewish orphan, so he can go with Jews from Ethiopia to Israel. It was amazing. Anyway, that wasn't what I was meaning to talk about. Behind us, there was a lady whose phone rang. And she picked up, started having a conversation! So funny. People were shouting at her. If I were her I'd be so embarrassed I'd leave.. but she didn't.

And next to me, some lad and his granddad were sat. Before the film, during the ads, they were having in-depth conversations about the corruption of society, that all that matters is money and sex. And then the lad went off on a tangent about how everyone wants sex.. and I'm just talking about that because I doubt I'd talk to my granddad like that, I was impressed. Very cool, gramps!

Dinner time, back in a bit.

Our dinner conversations are so riveting. I was told that ear hair is a feature of the Y-chromosome, so women can't get it. Ace!

Bought a bikini today, it's the same pattern as my lovely sunset shorts. I love it. Also got bits and bobs and lace to go on my dress. Will post this lovely creation as soon as it's been.. created. :)

In H&M today, I was eavesdropping to the couple behind me. I blame the volume of their voices and the hilarity of their conversation; I had no choice but to listen. Although my sister, standing a mere 2 feet away from me, claims she heard nothing. Hum. Anyway, the conversation went a little something like this:


(Enter: Lady (L) and Boy (B). Imagine Lady's voice as whiney, annoying and generally... annoying. Boy's voice is annoying, meak and he sounds.. nice. Too nice.)

L: I'm so annoyed.
B: Why? What's up Sweetheart?
L: *grunt and sigh* I'm just so annoyed. I don't want to queue any more. This is just so frustrating.
B: I'm sorry Sweetie, we'll go sit down and have a fruit or som-
L: Will you just shut up? You're so annoying.
B: But, Sweetie... What have I done? Did I say something wrong?
L: Just be quiet. I need to eat something, I hate shopping. We should go for food.
B: But we're on a budget...
L: I don't care about the frigging budget. I don't care about the stupid cat! I don't want to get a cat anymore.
B: Don't say that...


L: And I look like a frigging cow in these clothes. I don't know why I'm buying them. I look fat.
B: No!! You look perfect, they were made for you! You're so pretty.
L: I need new socks. There are socks over there. *points*

(Boy walks over to socks)

L: Do you even know what size I am?
B: (hesitating) 39-41?
L: No!!! 37.
B: Oh, sorry... Here's a 36-38 then.
L: No! I said 37.
B: But 37 is between 36 and 38...
L: But I want 38-39, don't they have that?
B: No... no, it's either 36-38 or 39-41.
L: But what about 38-40? I can't wear any of the others...

(And on it goes... poor Boy.)


It's a good thing I'm not a playwright, isn't it? :)

I'm off, bored now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

This is just going to be one of those days...

I can't say I'm too impressed with how this university runs. Well, what I've noticed of the payroll side of it anyway. I know it's not much, but - I did some tour guide work for my department, a total of ten hours, in February/March. Straight away, I filled in a form with my NI number, inland revenue etc, so it could be processed by the payroll department and I could get paid.

So far, so good. Before Easter, I went to the lady in charge of payments in my department, and she said I would get an e-mail/slip through internal mail when I could pick up my payment. After Easter I went in and she said I just had to wait. Today she sent me off to the payroll office, who dug through papers for about half an hour before saying 'Hm, that's weird. Go down to the finance office in the University House, they might know.' I did, and after they had dug through some piles of paper, I finally got my money. I know I know, I'm making a big deal out of £60, but that's £60 I could have spent ages ago. Haha.

It just makes me think of all of Dan's contract business and how badly that was dealt with!!

Hairdressers on campus were fully booked today - ah well.

Yeah I'm bored, might write more later.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I have a throbbing headache. And I keep sneezing. What's that - a cold right before my exams on Tuesday? How lovely.

But this post won't be me moaning about how hard my life is.

Actually, I don't know what it will be about.

Just came back from seeing Walk the Line. Amazing! I really recommend it, the music is brilliant and Reese Witherspoon is sweet as a peach. Or something. Nah, it was a really good film, I really enjoyed it.

That was my second revision break for the day. My first was going in to town with Gill. Would have been a shopping spree but neither of us found anything that fit. Damn shops! We did go to Sainsbury's though so I'm having a proper meal tomorrow night. Woo!

As for revision... no more breaks!

Apart from when I, tomorrow, get my hair cut, send the skirts away, hand in forms to the dept, resubmit old coursework, find proof of address I can bring to Barclays, print Barclays forms.. and so on. But I'm sure I can cram revision in there somewhere.

In just over a month, I'll be in sunny Turkey... can't wait! Get to go far far away with my Mickey, if only for a week... Aahh! :D

Right, I'm off. Might write more later, might not. Who knows?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Creative Writing, done and handed in! Woo! 42 pages with cover sheet, as if they expect us to staple through that? Took me about 5 attempts before it even went through, and even then it wasn't good. I just stapled a few more times, looks awful but it's gotta be done hasn't it?

I didn't get the job at the hotel. The interview was... weird. The girl interviewing me seemed well sweet, I liked her. And she did seem to like me as well, so that could've gone well. But no! One of her superiours were there as well (I think she might have been new or something) which made both of us very nervous. Hir arrogant attitude didn't help, for the full length of the interview, he was sat acting like he wasn't listening, looking around him, at his watch; anywhere but at me. He did ask some questions, butting in and interrupting the girl. What a wanker!

Got a call back from Barclays though! Have a maths test next Saturday. Maths test!! Lol. It's for a cashiers job, she said on the phone, which I really wouldn't mind. Also, it's right bang in the middle of Manchester, which might be an ass in the summer when it's boiling - but now I'm just talking like I've already got the job, should stop that. There's a difference between a positive attitude and arrogance. God forbid I share any traits with abovementioned wanker.

Friday, May 05, 2006

It's 06:10 Friday morning, well-adjusted adults are just getting up for work with the sun. School children are being woken by the shrieks of their alarms, immidiately checking their phones for possible missed calls or texts that have arrived during the night, before going downstairs for their breakfast. University students are in bed, having stumbled in only a few hours earlier. There is no chance of them waking up before the sun has passed its peak today; they feel they deserve this rest.

I'm bored. Came in at half two, rang Mickey. Spent some time sorting my lecture notes while Panda was asleep on my floor. Walked her back, with Emma. Sat there for a while. Came back here, tried to convince Emma to stay up with me, unsuccessfully I might add. Ate some toast, and washed a shit-load of dishes. None of the things I washed were mine. Then I attempted to clean the cookers but they were so minging I gave up. Now I'm writing.

Have a job interview tomorrow. Today. Wish me luck! It's for some posh hotel in Manchester. I also finished my essay!

And am sat here hoping today will be as nice as yesterday. Bloomin' tropical! Lovely. Yeah yeah global warming, blah blah. Nothing wrong with enjoying one of the few perks of something awful.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stolen from ArmyAndrea :)

My ex is hopefully very happy:)
Maybe I should consider sleeping now?
I love I need to write it? :)
I don’t understand credit cards. I just can't get my head around how they work. It's just one of those weird things I suppose.
I lose my will to live and/or stay at university when I go to 232 and 207 lectures. Which is why I don't :)
People say I’m brave for moving over alone. But I didn't move over alone!
Love is fantastic!
Somewhere, someone is just like me? I'd like to think not.
I will always love yyyoooouuuuu oooo my darling youuuu and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (I'll be singing that all day now. thanks a bunch!).
Forever's gonna start tonight:)
I never thought I would be moving into my own house before finishing uni. Campus is so comfortable and easy. Dead sick of it now though!
I think I need a plan. Sort everything out.
When I wake up I'm going to put my head down and finish this essay!
My past is in the past.
I get annoyed when people I don't know very well make fun of my accent. Fook orf! The people who are allowed to are fewer than the fingers on my left hand.
Parties are too few these days!
My dog would be lovely and sweet and not need walking. Ever.
My cat will be cute and cuddly, and actually LIKE me. They never do! :(
Kisses are lovely.
Tomorrow, I’m finishing my essay and sending a package to Essex. Lalala.
I really want to be able to sleep more. At night.
I have low tolerance for stupid people, silly people, boring people, overly traditional/fanatic people, people who try to push their beliefs on me, fake people. People in general :)

I've been out tonight. Toast alternative night. It wasn't brilliant, but then Toast never is. A lot of creepy guys as per usual, but ignoring them seemed to work in most cases. Where it didn't, a well placed elbow did the trick!

Dave came by for a bit, not seen him in ages! Well, since.. err.. last 203 thing? Or something. Same with Jack. Well, I'd have been surprised if he'd have been in a 203 seminar as he does philosophy or something like that. But yeah, this time I recognised him. Took him a while to recognise me though, could've been the drunkenness, could've been my blondeness. Who knows, who cares?

Went to Grassington last week as well, was ace:) Went for a meal with Mike's mum, his sister and her boyfriend at the Tennants, amaaaazing food. Then down the pub. Lalala.

Managed to get two out of the five things I put on eBay sold, I thought that was pretty good. Ok, so only one person bid on them. But still! I'm like, a tenner richer:) Well chuffed, at least someone likes my stuff.

Been trying to write this essay for a while now, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Not counting maths or ridiculously hard chemistry here! But I've got until Friday, and it's very doable! So should be alright. More worried about revision - but today was a bank holiday, and everybody knows you can't revise on holidays. And tomorrow is the day after a bank holiday, so that doesn't work. And the day after is a Wednesday... So yeah. Not gonna happen;)

OOO! I got approved by the translation agency! So happy! Yes, congratulations are in order. Lol. Just waiting to hear back from potential clients now. Also waiting to hear back from Shell Step, wonder how that works really. Think I might ring the dude tomorrow. Am also ringing Barclays, for a phone interview.. Cross your fingers, everyone! Wouldn't mind getting into banking, it's proper experience and beats breakfast hostess jobs.. ahem.

Now I'm out of things to say. So... goodnight!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Jack wakes up in bed with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of headache tablets with a glass of water on the beside table. And, next to them, a single red rose!

He then notices his clothing, all cleaned and pressed. He looks around the room, and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean. He takes the tablets, and reads the note on the table which says:
"Darling, breakfast is on the cooker, I left early to do the shopping. Love you".

Going into the bathroom, he cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror.

He stumbles his way to the kitchen, where, sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning paper. His son is also at the table, eating breakfast. So Jack asks "son what happened last night?"

"Well, dad, you came home after 3.00am, drunk and out of your mind. You broke some of the furniture, vomited in the hallway and got that black eye when you fell into the door".

Jack then asks "so, why is everything so perfect - I have a red rose, and breakfast is waiting for me?"

His son replys " Oh THAT!!! Mum dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your trousers off you screamed " Leave me alone, you tart, I'm married!".

Broken Furniture £95.00
Hot Breakfast £4.00
Red Rose £3.00
Two Aspirin .50p
Saying the right thing at the right time......... Priceless

Friday, April 21, 2006

My EBay!

Clicky! And buy!

I know, I know... it's been a while. Sorry about that, I know how much you all rely on my twice-weekly little observations to take you through those rough days. Anyway, I'm back in Lancaster (WITH internet) for a few days so you'll get your dose this time.

So what's new? I dyed my hair, BLONDE! Two peroxide bleaches and one dye later, and there's still a hint of orange. I'm a ginna, basically. And I like it!

Bought a sewing machine, I call her Charlie. No, that's a lie. I don't know what to call her, but if you have any suggestions please feel free to suggest them. Made some more clothes, so will put up a few eBay auctions in the morning. Will obviously put a link on here, don't you worry. Oh, and buy stuff. :D

Got my very own Peroxsym shirt - it's ace! Thanks, Sierra! Will upload a pic of that too, when I can be bothered borrowing Emma's camera. I know she's in the next room, but.. it requires a lot of effort getting out of this chair!

Well, that's not true. I've not been sat in this chair for a very very long time.

We went up to Mike's last week, it was ace. A break from Manchestuh, some fresh country air... and rain. A lot of rain. And Mike's dad's famous curry... yum!! Going up again on Tuesday. We just don't get proper food if there are no parents around. Hahaha.

I had this thought today. I know, unusual. Blah blah. But anyway. I'd like to think I'm one of those people who don't judge others, or talk about them behind their backs. Well, we all know there are no such people. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish I was brave enough to actually say what I was thinking out loud, to the people who need to hear it. So here goes:

Open Letter to Girls Who Wear Smart Trousers Turned Shorts;

You look ridiculous. They are seriously not the least bit flattering. God knows I don't have the best dress sense, but I'd like to think if I put on something so horrenduous, my friends would slap me around the back of my head and tell me to put on something that doesn't make me look like a pear. Because that's what friends do. And although I am not your friend, I'll gladly offer to slap some sense into you any day of the week. Office hours nine till five. I know I know, each to their own, diversity in fashion is what makes the Western world such a great place to live. But Jesus. Have you seen the things I'm talking about? Imagine a pair of smart men's trousers. Cut off below the knee. Folded up so half the girls knee is showing. Oh, and they also hug the girls bee-hind in a very unflattering way.

There, I've said my piece. Now... Moving on.

Oh, the bit about fashion making the Western world such a great place to live was an amplification.

I'm bored now, sleepy time.


Friday, March 31, 2006

"I refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed people." - Wendy

So now I'm home. It's a-rockin' and a-rollin'.
I've been to Caroline's, Karin and I made her a Sheila-doll for her birthday (for those of you who weren't Åvaiter, she was the Psych teacher. And for Caroline's birthday last year we gave her a Freud Action Doll). Well, Miss Sheila is a re-made Barbie, with Tippex hair and BLUE clothes. As well as a water bottle and a notebook. She is a Beach Fun Sheila, so she has a beach bag, sunglasses (incidently blue) and a beach bag. Was great fun making her!!

Spent the night at Karin's after that, then went into town to go shopping. Bought jeans:P Then went out to my old school, cos Joanna had been bugging me about it for ages! Hehe. After that, to Victor's, where we watched Corpse Bride, and Trainspotting, ate popcorn and played Jenga. I won:P They're re-doing the hall in our house so couldn't go home til ten - was meant to be allowed in at five but.. he was late. What is it with builders and time management? I know I know, I shouldn't say anything, it's probably a very hard job to do, but when I'm slow in doing something, that doesn't mean a whole family can't enter their house all night! Anyway, turned out alright in the end - I was invited to stay for dinner;)

Then on Tuesday, Emma and I went to Västerås, to Karin's (her own flat, last mention was her parents' house). Had a great night, made AMAZING food and just talked for hours. Oh, and we went to Ikea:P lol. Always fun. Wasn't very crowded so was ok.

Yesterday I didn't do much. Some baking and cooking, a lot of reading. Today will most likely be the same:P

It's so cold! Snowing again. It's like an April Fool's joke. Crazy stuff. Luckily I don't have to endure much more of the Swedish Spring as I'm flying back to lovely Manchester on Thursday. Yes, I'll happily and willingly admit I can't wait. Not because being at home is THAT bad (hehe) but because... wait for it... you know what's coming... I miss Mike. Damn ASDA not giving him loads of paid holiday. Lol.

Getting loads of Jack White tunes sent to me - I must be in heaven!

night night


Friday, March 24, 2006

aaaand.. We're done with the photos!

Had a wicked night at the Sugarhouse, as always. Some people (read:person) I'd rather not have seen but thankfully, Emma saved me. Lol. What is it with the assholes creeping out from under their rocks on a Thursday night?

Also, why is it so hard to pack? Wish I could hire someone to do it for me. So boring! Especially when you have to tidy as well. I usually try to do both things at once, and fail both miserably. Ah well, it's not like anyone will see my room until I come back here anyway, and as long as I bring my passport and plane ticket I don't really need anything else. Oh, maybe laptop, but that's kinda hard to miss.

Had the last 203 seminar today/yesterday. Was pretty good, revised diacritics stuff and some transcription. Kev gave me compliments for what I'd written which was ace, felt well clever and like the exam will go.. swimmingly. Much like Kyle's period.

Was good to see Joanna - sorry I wasn't great company!! But to be honest, you didn't REALLY come just to see me;) Promise I'll spend more time with you when I get hooome! On SATURDAY! Really can't wait. Ten days is just about enough though, a break from uni and everything. Will be both good and bad to come back to England after it. Good cos - well, it's England. And Mike. And bad cos I won't be with le family.

I will stop writing now. If I get time tomorrow I'll do another post, otherwise you'll have to wait until like.. Saturday to read another post.



Thursday, March 16, 2006

"I'm a man, I need manly hobbies... like picking heavy things and putting them back down again." - Mister Rob.

Thanks for that, made my night! Reminds me of Bradley Hathaway and his poem Manly Man. Don't be put off by his faith, by the way. He's done some well good stuff and I WISH I could write like that. Poo.

Finally finished that essay. Thank God! Probably need some touch-ups but I cannae be bothered. Don't have the time! Will look through it one more time, then I will shower and pack my bag, then go do my presentation. Then... guess where? Manchester-way. Obviously.

If you read this, Sarah - again, I'm sorry. Next week, yeah?

On a lighter note, Joanna is in the country AS WE SPEAK! Well chuffed. Seeing her on... Sunday! yayyayayayaya! Hehe. Can't wait.

And, last night Dad said he'd get me a sewing machine! So all songanddance over here today... or something like that.

So hungry, food? Maybe?

This made me laugh. Especially after reading people's complaints about ads in the 232 seminar a few weeks ago. Sometimes, only a few people have to complain for them to ban an ad.. it's very strange. Can be for all kinds of reasons, and I think a lot of good and provocative ads have been cancelled because of it. Has anyone seen the baby with the silver spoon, for example? Now, that was allowed to stay on, which I thought was a good decision by the ASA, but some of the decisions they've made have just been silly (See above example). The public does not need to be protected. If something upsets you, why not avoid it instead of complaining?

Right, time to shower.
See you after le Weekend!
"jag tycker alla borde få en knarkhund, bra att ha när man tappat bort sina saker i lägenheten liksom"

The above is the quote of the day. Courtesey of Gustav.

Have also been thinking about accents. Does that make me sad? I'll say no. Accents amuse me. In my head, I can copy them all. Seriously, all of them. But they just don't come out right. Oh well! In our presentation tomorrow, I have to point out how I pronounce things differently. And I just know I won't pronounce them as I've written them. There will be t's all over the place - no taps! Madness.

Joanna is coming over soon! Well, to the country in the morning. But up to the dirty North on Sunday. YAY! I miss her so much.

Also miss my parents. But I'll get to see them in... wait for it! Ten days. So yey!

I'm bored now. Was going to post some links and comment on them but really can't be bothered. Bedtime, maybe?


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Margit died today. So I'm not going to babble on in this post. Just hope she's somewhere where she isn't in pain. And I hope my Mum is alright. And everyone else, of course.

It took time, took time to develop a concept
A new me
based upon the traits from which I could not flee
It took time, took time to embrace the nature
All my dreams
All this time just turned into a sad long wait

This sad long tale of moments passé
must come to an end before it is too late
Wasn't born to hate, I was made to love
but I never knew it was so hard

It took time, took time to accept the fact
that one must lose
everything except what you do not choose

It's taken time, long time and yet more time
it will take
before my heart is free and brave enough to break

This sad long tale of moments passé
must come to an end before it is too late
Wasn't born to hate, I was made to love
but I never knew it was so hard

This sad bouquet of forget-me-not
that I threw away is growing scars and dots
In this weary heart where there's a bird, so shy
but one of these days that bird will learn to fly
Found this online, can't be arsed changing it from caps so you'll just have to bite your lip and read it anyway. Some of the things are too British for me to actually remember, but most of it still goes for any Western European 90's kid.






























Saturday, March 11, 2006

I don't get why they don't have more CCTV in prisons. Well, they probably do actually. But in Prison Break they've been getting away with all kinds of things and there are no cameras. Anywhere. And the guy who's on death row gets to work alongside the other inmates. Now, I've never been to a prison. All I know about them is what I've seen on TV and read in books. But surely it can't be like that? I hope to God it isn't. We put away dangerous criminals and they can dig tunnels, form gangs, mafias, threaten guards... basically run their criminal operations from within the prison. It's like in Monopoly when everything's been bought, you end up in prison for three rounds and you can just sit there collecting money. Ridiculous is what it is!

But like I said, I don't know anything. So shouldn't speak:)

Spent tonight with Gill, she's SO lovely. We made veggie lasagne and chatted and watched Grease... Ah, I feel like a girl. Lol. Shocking, I know.

As for comments saying I should now join GreenPeace - I laugh in your general direction! That's awesome, would I care that much about anything? Feel that strongly about anything? ;) No, I'm still waiting for my calling. When I find it, I'll let you know.

I thought I was sleepy, guess I was wrong. Maybe I'll just do my coursework now? Again, laughter coming from this end. I'm sure I'll do it.. later... Just one more episode of Prison Break. 'Ang on - did Peter Stormare's character just die? NOOO!!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

I've been watching the ITV News series "3 degrees from disaster." You can guess what it's about - global warming. A reporter, Lawrence, is travelling around the world (let's hope he's hiking or cycles, wouldn't want to raise those three degrees now, would we!) investigating what's causing the greenhouse effect. This week he's been in the Amazon jungle, where an area of _six_ football pitches is cut down and burnt every _minute_. I never used to care too much about trying to make a difference but lately the thought has actually crossed my mind. The other day, they were challenging a family to cut down their energy wasting, and apparently they could save a third of what they spend on heat and electricity by insulating the house, using energy saving light bulbs and not using their car as much. Crazy!

So, what can I do? Well, as a student I don't really have a car I can choose not to use, I always take the bus anyway. And living in halls, I'm not in charge of changing the light bulbs so that's out of my hands. Can't do a lot really, except turn lights off and keep heater low. Wanted: ideas?

On a similar note, what's with the Powergen ad? How can they get away with saying it's cheaper than Grittish Bass? I mean, I know how they can, as it's not a lie and if prices change they can always argue there is no such thing as Grittish Bass. But it's cheeky!

What is also cheeky is the new Grit - sorry, British Gas - scheme saying the March 1st prices will be frozen for three years. All good and well, I hear you say. Only the March 1st prizes are way higher than any other energy provider's.

Ah well, enough about energy!

More about ads, however. By the way, I know it sounds like I've just been lazing about watching TV lately, but it's purely for educational purposes - I do do LING232; the Language of Media. I mean Hello! :) Back on track: Most ads in this country are to do with finances. Insurance, credit cards, loans, and so the list goes on... Makes me quite sad really. Should I blame capitalism? Do I want to go down that road? Go on then! In this capitalist society money is obviously, well, the basis, the building blocks so to speak. But to borrow money to pay off your credit card, and then borrowing off someone else to pay your mortgage... And then having to borrow again because you can't pay back your loans. Madness!

Me, I'll be cancelling the credit card I've used only once, and doubtfully ever getting another one. It would be too easy for me to fall into that trap - 'you mean I can spend £500 now and pay it back later? Hell yeah, sounds good to me!'

Have also been watching The Weakest Link. Anne Robinson is funny. And by that I mean dead boring. What's funny is how most people don't seem the least bit phazed by her attempts to throw them off. The other night there was this lad with trendy, greasy hair - and she kept going on about his spots! Was happy to see he just laughed at her.

Am looking to book a holiday in June. Somewhere hot. Obviously. Any ideas? Was thinking Turkey, but not sure how cheap it would be. Would love to go to Greece, but that's gone well touristy and expensive, so out of the question... sadly.

Just came back from doing a presentation, think it went well. Always encouraging to look over and see Kev nodding! At least he's not an arsehole when you say something silly, unlike some...

It's raining... at least it's stopped snowing!! Three days of SLASK was more than enough.

Got a letter off Kerstin today, not heard form her in a while! Wrote to her months and months ago, and she's just not replied. Haha, as if I never do that, not really bothered. Also got one off Victor:) So maybe this weekend won't be a 207 coursework weekend after all, but rather a letter writing weekend? Who knows. The only two things I know about this weekend is that I'm not going down to Mike's, and that I'm doing tours Saturday.

And next week my sister is here! YEY! Haha, both Mark, Andy and Lisa have offered to house a Swedish girl. Who to pick, who to pick? Do I trust any of them? ;) Nah, I'm sure it will be alright for them to share that mattress on Mike's floor, it's positively massive! Plus, avoids key-finding and up-wakings. We'll see.

Sugarhouse tonight? Not been in ages, kinda miss it. At least I'm not ill anymore! Only a matter of days before I get ill again, most likely. Poo!

Now, time has come for me to post this. And finish that skirt. Once and for all. And then I have to finish Joanna's top and bag - had nearly forgotten bout them!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

2/3 2006

Yeah, another post today. I'm just bored! Done work and that, could sew.. or tidy my room? Just don't know where to start! Have to be systematic about these things, but that's not my kettle of fish. It really isn't.

The room could do with a right makeover though.

Ok, here's the plan:

Make the bed
Throw out old receipts and other junk-stuff
Fold fabrics etc up nicely and find storage place for them
Wash up
Put clothes back in closet
Put lecture notes in ORDER! YES DAMN YOU - IN ORDER!!


Vacuum? If I can be arsed.

And the next question, what do I get my Dad for his birthday? Socks? Daddy Daddy, what do you waaant? Hmm?

Not going out tonight, headache still hasn't gone away. Or, it did. Then it came back. Evil! Pure evil, I tell you.

I really need some more interesting topics to write about!

Ooh, the 203 seminar today was pretty good, Dave's well clever and it's good that we're in the same group cos we always understand different things so can ask each other for help on MSN and that. Haha. The lass is a bit.. Yeah. She says it herself, she doesn't do much. But I think she kind of tries once she's there? Maybe she's just a good actress! Heh.
Anyway, in the seminar we were playing around with WaveSurfer a bit, and the tutor Kev is well rare! Came up and just stood behind me ALL the time, gave me a bit of a fright a few times... Bit unsettling trying to work when someone is watching everything you do. He did say we were right about a lot of stuff and gave a lot of generally helpful pointers. I thought I was clever as well when I figured stuff out. So hah! I now officially like 203 again! And my trapezium was just as trapezium-like as it should be; Kev didn't even comment on my schwas! Lol, that sounds a bit.. dodgy.

Wasn't going to go down to Mike's this weekend as I thought I had campus tours on Saturday... Turns out I don't. They're next week. And I've got Tuesday off as lecturers all over the country go on strike. Sooo... could technically go down tonight and stay till Weds morning! But I won't, because I have Plans. Yes, I have a social life! Believe it or not. Tomorrow night I'm meeting Sarah (FINALLY! We've not had a chance to spend time together in AGES! I miss her!!!) for dinner, then we're going to see Kiwis Ned play at feedback at the Farmer's Arms - should be good! Then there's apparently a party at Mike's (not my Mike, Kiwis Mike. I'll have to call him that from now on I think, to avoid confusion. Damn common names! Hehe. Lovely really) and I'll have to see how I feel. Will def make an appearance though!

On Saturday day I'm possibly/probably doing something with Dan - not properly seen him in a while either! Boo. And then going down to Mike's in the evening, staying till Tues night or Weds morning - Gill claims the whole point of the LU cinema showing Narnia next week is so she can drag me to see it, so apprently I have to be back Tues night? Hehe. We'll see...

Interesting link of the day - I'm not making it up! HAH!
Text injuries.

Well, I'm off. Maybe I'll even do one or two of the things on the list above? Or maybe I won't.
Exam period: 16/5 9:30 - 16/5 16:00

I knew I picked the right course!!

Flying back to the Stockholm on March 25th, coming back on April 6th. I think, anyway.

Meeting Gill now, so will update later. Buhbye.

Posted by Louise, not sure who wrote it:

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who
has been with us for many years.

No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long
ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as
knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm,
life isn't always fair, and maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more
than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not children, are
in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using
mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly
student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the
job they failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even
further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer
Panadol, sun lotion or a sticky plaster to a student; but, could not inform the
parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became
contraband; churches became businesses; and criminals received better
treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a
burglar in your own home and the burglar can sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realise
that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was
promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust; his
wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason.

He is survived by three stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, Someone Else is
to Blame, and I'm A Victim.

Not many attended his funeral because so few realised he was gone.

If you still remember him, please pass this on...

...if not, join the vast majority and do nothing...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

1/3 2006
This week I have...

Bought two kilos of fabric, applied for fifteen jobs
Sent out letters, tidied my room
Slept twenty hours, sneezed a gazillion times
Been to my lectures, done all my work
Gotten ahead on the damn dissertation.

Made a bag, a skirt and a top
Started a bag which will be sold
Looked all around for work experience
Outlined a business, drawn a vowel diagram
Transcribed various texts
Started coursework for 207 and 203
Taken a long ass walk
Got out of bed at eight

...and it's only three pm Wednesday.

I seriously don't know what to do about 203. I sort of feel like I've got it under control but I'm not sure. Grammar last term was hard enough, phonetics is more fun but hard. Annoying, all those little diacritics etc. Formants.

But anyway, I shouldn't complain, because essentially I enjoy it.

Should do more writing though. I just can't find the time. Sounds odd, as I'm a student with oodles of spare time on my hands, but I'm always doing a trizillion things at once and for writing I need space. Buses and trains are usually ideal, and god knows I've been on enough of them lately!!

Enough about that, who wants to buy me a sewing machine? It won't be a gift, as soon as I start making money off what I sell I'll pay you back for it. Maybe a percentage? I only need about £75 - that's for a very basic second hand one. If you feel extremely generous and want to give me quality (1800 seams? please? hahaha) we're talking hundreds. And I don't need that! It just takes so long sewing by hand all the time. Don't get me wrong, I do like it, but you get tired of it.

Joanna is coming over soon, I can't wait! Made her a lace up type top out of my old purple skull and cross bone shirt. She's loving the photo I sent (at least that's what she said! The lying minx...) and I'm hoping it will fit. If not, I'll just have to redo a few seams. No biggie.

Can't get rid of this headache, it's probably because of the cold. Thankfully, that seems to be going. Had a few coughing fits in my lecture this morning, but no one tried to chuck me out. I was expecting them to! Anyway, munching paracetamol, and am on my fourth water bottle of the day. If that doesn't do the trick (and I doubt it will) I might take a nap. Just a nap, forty five minutes or so, nothing exstensive.. yeah right!

I've realised my blog must be immensely boring! I should write about.. current affairs, or do political satire or something like that. But that would require me being up to date on things like that. And I can assure you, I am not. Will however have a think about it, and possibly introduce a new feature to this blog in the next few days... stay tuned.

And comment! I love comments and hardly anyone comments. BOO!


Friday, February 17, 2006


I really don't have time to be sat here writing this. I should shower, straighten up the old room, and get on a train to lovely Manch. But, I think my room will have to stay the way it is for the time being. Don't worry, it's not really messy. Honest!

I feel i owe my Dad an apology - I did get a Valentine's card. Electronic. Cheapskate;) hahaha. Only messing. Thanks:D

Last night was good! Emma dyed my hair, hat off to her! Took about three hours in total, but it's now black, purple and pink/red. Loving it! The pink didn't turn out as striking as I was hoping but it looks cool, nearly natural actually. We then went to the Shagga, where we met Sarah etc. Was dead good, as always! She's such a sweetheart! Don't know if she reads this.. hehehe. Once again I concluded I've never seen Jack sober. Weird, have known him long enough and count him as a mate!

Asked Dan's dad about my tooth, the pain and that.. and he said that it could hurt a bit for a corresponding amount of time as the cyst was growing. W00t! That was like three years... But that as long as it's not extremely unpleasant, and as long as ibuprofens help, there's nothing to worry about. Not that bad really, used to the pain as I've had one in that tooth for like 5 years in total. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to explode or something silly like that.

Right, I have to set off in an hour so had better bring this to an end.
Have a good week everyone - I'm not going to be online a lot. I know you'll miss me.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Att säga att man lyssnar på Kent är som att säga att man äter potatis, det säger ingenting om ens personlighet mer än att man tycker om dålig musik."

If you don't understand this, Kent is a band and the quote reads "Saying you listen to Kent is like saying you eat potatoes, it sayd nothing about your personality other than that you like bad music." Pretty spot on.

And the question of the day: If Greg Myers has the second loudest voice in the department, who has the loudest? I'm going to guess Kevin Watson, because (and I quote) he's nice like that. Someone guessed Willem Hollman, but I'm not so sure.

On a very different note, last night was amazing. Verdes is nice. Tried to overcharge us (ah yeh, it's Valentine's Day so the lads will be trying to impress their bitches, let's see if they'll kick off about this) but that's ok because we're just dead clever and figured it out. Then we went to Spoons for a few drinks and a chat with Sean who was just finishing work, and on to Toast.. which was a bit crap, but ah well. We came back on the last bus. All in all, was an amazing night, and I know you want to comment on this, Mickey, so please do;) haha.

Today I've been doing campus tours again, it's pretty good. I'm pretty good. And it keeps my room tidy cos I have to show it. Parents are ace because they ask questions and that makes it all flow a lot easier. Lindsey and I had to take a group of students as well (about 25 of them!! My room has never been that full. Gah!) and that was dead scary because they're too cool for school (ha ha) and don't dare ask stuff. I'm sure they've ordered their parents to ask the questions and then report back. I'd like to think I wouldn't be like that!

Next week is reading week, which will be ace. I'm (surprise, surprise!) going down to Manch for most of it, and will go round town handing out my CV. Not sure if I should do two seperate ones, for weekend jobs and for the Summer? Or maybe just put in a little cover letter that I'm available Friday to Monday every week until June, and from then on full time until the end of September. Or something like that.

Oh and - I'm disappointed! Didn't get one single card yesterday (Mike doesn't count cos I spent the day with him) but YOU! PARENTS! I move away and suddenly I'm not important anymore? Weak, dudes. (all in jest...;))

I've been putting off doing work long enough today, got a 203 presentation to prepare. Well, I only really need to write my transcription on a large paper... or on computer? Getting the 203 essay back tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. But at the same time I am, I like getting these things over and done with.

When Emma gets back from boxercise, we're going down George Fox for a Chinese, and to rent a chick flick. Yey!

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


That was a good sleep. And a good weekend. Have been down in Manch for a few days (where else?). And I know what you're thinking - "who was minding the internet?" Don't worry, I left it in your very capable hands;)

Went down to Mike on Thursday, did some work while he was at work - transcription is so much fun. lol. Friday, slept loads, did some reading, some uni work again. Went out in the evening, just to Footage but it was pretty good. Not a massive fan of that bar but I survived. Saturday - Sunday = Dead lazy days. Ace.

On Monday I went to Stef's party (Happy Birthday to you!), which was pretty good. Always a bit odd when you don't really know anyone, but I survived. Was a very popular lady, have not had so many pick-up attempts in one night in a very long time - and this was with my face and arms covered in fake blood. Haha. Yes, there's a reason for that, the party was a zombie fancy dress one. So not completely random. What I really don't get though, is how "I've been with my boyfriend for a year now" can be interpreted as "I really want you, take me here and now." What's with some people?? Maybe it's my accent, maybe I mumble or stutter so they can't understand me? Didn't want to be too rude and tell them to jog on cos these guys are obviously friends of Stef's, but in the end I kinda had to be. Ah well, overall it was a dead good night out, so I shouldn't complain.

Oooh, guess what today is? That's right, Valentine's Day. But that's not what I'm after. Mike's and mine first year anniversary, got a table at Verdes, and then we're probably off out. Toast is classic 90's, I've been told, and Revs is meant to be good. I'm not a massive fan but y'kno. Been nearly a year and a half since I've been so might give it another chance. Saw a poster saying Hustle is having a Valentine's night's special.. which might be alright? Just going to see what happens really. AAH, I'm all happy and bouncing around, it's all amazing and wonderful:D lalala.

And yes, Mike, I am very sad. And pathetic. And a right loser! BUT! You're the one reading this. So what does that make you? ;)


Thursday, February 09, 2006

We've had quite a few problems in our halls this year, especially after Christmas. Mice in the kitchen. Freezer breaking down, and not getting a replacement one although it was reported a number of times. In the end, Chris borrowed one from another kitchen, which they weren't using because it was so dirty. So he cleaned it! The kitchen sink not draining at all, and as result us not being able to wash up or use the kitchen. Again, we complained a few times, but Chris ended up cleaning it out. He's such a star! When we came back after Christmas, both the male's and female's bathrooms were out of order because of leakage down onto the first floor. Without warning there were suddenly tons of workers happily trotting around our corridors, and we had to share 2 toilets with like 40 people.

and so on...

So now the people in charge of residences on campus have decided to give us compensation. To the astonishing sum of.. that's right, £15! haha. Ace!

I have a presentation in 50 minutes or so, I don't want to do it. I don't know why we hve to do presentations every single week! Well, it makes more sense with the topics we're doing this term, but last term it was all rubbish. At least now it's a little bit interesting. Just hoping the other lass has done her part of the work. Somehow I doubt it...

Got an essay back the other day, I'm not happy with the result. Blah. Rubbish course - Language Identities: Gender, Ethnicity and Class. Like we'd say in Sweden: FLUMKURS! :)

Going down to Manchester tonight, there are less distractions at Mike's. No seriously, when he's at work, and there's no internet... there are really only three things I can do. Sleep, eat or study. And you get full after a while, and sleeping can get boring. So fingers crossed!

On Monday, it's Stef's birthday bash in Bury (alliteration, anyone?). That'll be aaace! I'm sure I wrote about it before. Ah well. He showed me the playlist for it, some good music on there... as well as Madonna? :S Hmm. Maybe I've got him all wrong? lol.

Yeeeaah.. I'm going to go for a shower, and then possibly eat something?

Over and out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My tooth is hurting tonight. Maybe I should neck a couple of ibuprofens, go to bed?

Plan for tomorrow:
Do some creative writing work, finish 203 work for presentation. Go to crew seminar. Meet up with Dave + rest of group to polish off the presentation. Replace my railcard. Get all the 207 lecture notes printed off. Sleep.
Or something like that.

Joanna got her work done - yay! All thanks to me, obv-i-ous-ly. Mother commenting on my blog :) Been hearing dad's doing better :)

If it wasn't for the tooth, I'd be rather content right now. Only a week and a half till reading week, which will obviously be spent at Mike's. WIth my lecture notes and a highlighter pen. Been invited to a party in Bury on Monday, Stefan's 20th. Will be ace!
And Tuesday... Tuesday is Valentine's day. And, more importantly, Mike and mine first year anniversary. :)

..I just can't seem to stop smiling for some reason.
Ace morning! Woke up at nine, rang Mike. Then dossed in bed as long as I could, before going to my LING207 seminar - which was actually interesting (for those of you who are interested, we talked about bilingualism, code-switching and diglossia)! Came back here to find the phone without battery had vibrated down onto the floor, the alarm must have gone off despite its unchargedness. My poor neighbour Chris, he was complaining that I was slamming doors (for the record, I don't slam doors. I close them gracefully) the other morning and today my alarm went off three times. Although, it did go off at about 11, and I don't think he was working last night so should be all good. I shouldn't get a scolding for it;)

Some people in my corridor are trying to negotiate a rent reduction with the college, because of the mouse/shower problems we've had. I really can't be arsed with that stuff, but if they manage to get some money out of it then I'll be a happy bunny.

Was working on the WaveSurfer things last night - analysis of sounds. Wow, it's not exactly easy. I mean, it is. But it's not. Quite fun though... and yes, I'm sad.

Actually made myself a cup of strawberry/mango tea earlier... but then I forgot to drink it. Now its nearly cold - just the way I like it. I'm just perfect! And no, the combination strawberry/mango isn't that nice. Have to admit I stole the teabag off Emma (sorry!!), just couldn't resist...

On a forum the other day, people were complaining about text speak and lack of punctuation. Ok, I'm not the biggest fan of it. It's hard to read, so most of the time I just don't bother with it... But the way they were going on about it it sounded like it was the worst crime since the crucifiction of mr. Jesus. So here's my reply...


lack of punctuation is a symptom of text speak. like it or not, a language will evolve. what with the internet, mobile phones, and people always being in a hurry, the trend of the english language is to move towards text speak. at least in these situations. and before it stabilises, before people learn to differentiate between the situations where this is acceptable and when its not, there will be confusion and this kind of language will 'leak' into other situations, such as exams and other written texts.

gonna quote linguist david crystal - "A further dimension to the linguistic variety promoted by the new technologies relates to the content they carry. As with traditional written expression, the medium will influence the general character of the language to be used – whether it is information, education, entertainment, […], or any other domain. Within these broad categories, subject-related domains (science, religion, law, etc.) will doubtless evolve computer-mediated varieties along similar lines to those which emerged in traditional speech and writing. "

a study on this subject was carried out this year, and the results show that teenagers' literacy is better now than it has been for the last 15 years...

anyway. *pushes glasses further up on nose* im a linguistic student, can you tell?"

I'm just a geek. But a happy geek!

music - Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
location - Lancaster, tidy bedroom
missing - Mike

A first post. A new blog. Rest assured, I will most likely keep writing. Abandon the good old LiveJournal and MSN spaces for this lovely thing. I really just like the idea of having my username in the url. I'm simple like that!

At the moment I'm exhausted, so will call this a night.

In case you didn't get it, the title is an allusion to Dostoyevsky's famous novel.

over and out.