Thursday, March 16, 2006

"jag tycker alla borde få en knarkhund, bra att ha när man tappat bort sina saker i lägenheten liksom"

The above is the quote of the day. Courtesey of Gustav.

Have also been thinking about accents. Does that make me sad? I'll say no. Accents amuse me. In my head, I can copy them all. Seriously, all of them. But they just don't come out right. Oh well! In our presentation tomorrow, I have to point out how I pronounce things differently. And I just know I won't pronounce them as I've written them. There will be t's all over the place - no taps! Madness.

Joanna is coming over soon! Well, to the country in the morning. But up to the dirty North on Sunday. YAY! I miss her so much.

Also miss my parents. But I'll get to see them in... wait for it! Ten days. So yey!

I'm bored now. Was going to post some links and comment on them but really can't be bothered. Bedtime, maybe?


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