Thursday, February 09, 2006

We've had quite a few problems in our halls this year, especially after Christmas. Mice in the kitchen. Freezer breaking down, and not getting a replacement one although it was reported a number of times. In the end, Chris borrowed one from another kitchen, which they weren't using because it was so dirty. So he cleaned it! The kitchen sink not draining at all, and as result us not being able to wash up or use the kitchen. Again, we complained a few times, but Chris ended up cleaning it out. He's such a star! When we came back after Christmas, both the male's and female's bathrooms were out of order because of leakage down onto the first floor. Without warning there were suddenly tons of workers happily trotting around our corridors, and we had to share 2 toilets with like 40 people.

and so on...

So now the people in charge of residences on campus have decided to give us compensation. To the astonishing sum of.. that's right, £15! haha. Ace!

I have a presentation in 50 minutes or so, I don't want to do it. I don't know why we hve to do presentations every single week! Well, it makes more sense with the topics we're doing this term, but last term it was all rubbish. At least now it's a little bit interesting. Just hoping the other lass has done her part of the work. Somehow I doubt it...

Got an essay back the other day, I'm not happy with the result. Blah. Rubbish course - Language Identities: Gender, Ethnicity and Class. Like we'd say in Sweden: FLUMKURS! :)

Going down to Manchester tonight, there are less distractions at Mike's. No seriously, when he's at work, and there's no internet... there are really only three things I can do. Sleep, eat or study. And you get full after a while, and sleeping can get boring. So fingers crossed!

On Monday, it's Stef's birthday bash in Bury (alliteration, anyone?). That'll be aaace! I'm sure I wrote about it before. Ah well. He showed me the playlist for it, some good music on there... as well as Madonna? :S Hmm. Maybe I've got him all wrong? lol.

Yeeeaah.. I'm going to go for a shower, and then possibly eat something?

Over and out.

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