Friday, May 12, 2006

Creative Writing, done and handed in! Woo! 42 pages with cover sheet, as if they expect us to staple through that? Took me about 5 attempts before it even went through, and even then it wasn't good. I just stapled a few more times, looks awful but it's gotta be done hasn't it?

I didn't get the job at the hotel. The interview was... weird. The girl interviewing me seemed well sweet, I liked her. And she did seem to like me as well, so that could've gone well. But no! One of her superiours were there as well (I think she might have been new or something) which made both of us very nervous. Hir arrogant attitude didn't help, for the full length of the interview, he was sat acting like he wasn't listening, looking around him, at his watch; anywhere but at me. He did ask some questions, butting in and interrupting the girl. What a wanker!

Got a call back from Barclays though! Have a maths test next Saturday. Maths test!! Lol. It's for a cashiers job, she said on the phone, which I really wouldn't mind. Also, it's right bang in the middle of Manchester, which might be an ass in the summer when it's boiling - but now I'm just talking like I've already got the job, should stop that. There's a difference between a positive attitude and arrogance. God forbid I share any traits with abovementioned wanker.

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dan said...

hehe, god forbid indeed