Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Att säga att man lyssnar på Kent är som att säga att man äter potatis, det säger ingenting om ens personlighet mer än att man tycker om dålig musik."

If you don't understand this, Kent is a band and the quote reads "Saying you listen to Kent is like saying you eat potatoes, it sayd nothing about your personality other than that you like bad music." Pretty spot on.

And the question of the day: If Greg Myers has the second loudest voice in the department, who has the loudest? I'm going to guess Kevin Watson, because (and I quote) he's nice like that. Someone guessed Willem Hollman, but I'm not so sure.

On a very different note, last night was amazing. Verdes is nice. Tried to overcharge us (ah yeh, it's Valentine's Day so the lads will be trying to impress their bitches, let's see if they'll kick off about this) but that's ok because we're just dead clever and figured it out. Then we went to Spoons for a few drinks and a chat with Sean who was just finishing work, and on to Toast.. which was a bit crap, but ah well. We came back on the last bus. All in all, was an amazing night, and I know you want to comment on this, Mickey, so please do;) haha.

Today I've been doing campus tours again, it's pretty good. I'm pretty good. And it keeps my room tidy cos I have to show it. Parents are ace because they ask questions and that makes it all flow a lot easier. Lindsey and I had to take a group of students as well (about 25 of them!! My room has never been that full. Gah!) and that was dead scary because they're too cool for school (ha ha) and don't dare ask stuff. I'm sure they've ordered their parents to ask the questions and then report back. I'd like to think I wouldn't be like that!

Next week is reading week, which will be ace. I'm (surprise, surprise!) going down to Manch for most of it, and will go round town handing out my CV. Not sure if I should do two seperate ones, for weekend jobs and for the Summer? Or maybe just put in a little cover letter that I'm available Friday to Monday every week until June, and from then on full time until the end of September. Or something like that.

Oh and - I'm disappointed! Didn't get one single card yesterday (Mike doesn't count cos I spent the day with him) but YOU! PARENTS! I move away and suddenly I'm not important anymore? Weak, dudes. (all in jest...;))

I've been putting off doing work long enough today, got a 203 presentation to prepare. Well, I only really need to write my transcription on a large paper... or on computer? Getting the 203 essay back tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. But at the same time I am, I like getting these things over and done with.

When Emma gets back from boxercise, we're going down George Fox for a Chinese, and to rent a chick flick. Yey!

Until next time!


Jo-Jo said...

Very disappointed. After all, you're giving off this image of being all clever and "hellooo university girl", and then you can't even list your sources. I mean, geez, isn't it illegal to quote something without stating who said it? Or maybe England doesn't have that.... someone said they don't even have LAWS! I mean... what's THAT all about? I don't even know if I can trust you after this... are you even a university girl? Are you even SWEDISH? Fuck, this shakes my boat... Anywho, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell all you Englishmen out there: you are no robots! You don't have to give in to alcohol! You are ALL MEN! You are free! Remember that. (And yay, next year you won't be allowed to smoke either)

Julia said...

You're such a little rarity.
If I wanted to smoke I'd smoke wherever, I'm COOL like that. And as long as I'm not claiming that I said it myself, it's not illegal. So poo on you.