Saturday, March 11, 2006

I don't get why they don't have more CCTV in prisons. Well, they probably do actually. But in Prison Break they've been getting away with all kinds of things and there are no cameras. Anywhere. And the guy who's on death row gets to work alongside the other inmates. Now, I've never been to a prison. All I know about them is what I've seen on TV and read in books. But surely it can't be like that? I hope to God it isn't. We put away dangerous criminals and they can dig tunnels, form gangs, mafias, threaten guards... basically run their criminal operations from within the prison. It's like in Monopoly when everything's been bought, you end up in prison for three rounds and you can just sit there collecting money. Ridiculous is what it is!

But like I said, I don't know anything. So shouldn't speak:)

Spent tonight with Gill, she's SO lovely. We made veggie lasagne and chatted and watched Grease... Ah, I feel like a girl. Lol. Shocking, I know.

As for comments saying I should now join GreenPeace - I laugh in your general direction! That's awesome, would I care that much about anything? Feel that strongly about anything? ;) No, I'm still waiting for my calling. When I find it, I'll let you know.

I thought I was sleepy, guess I was wrong. Maybe I'll just do my coursework now? Again, laughter coming from this end. I'm sure I'll do it.. later... Just one more episode of Prison Break. 'Ang on - did Peter Stormare's character just die? NOOO!!


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Joanna said...

I read Dan's last comment, blushing slightly. But when it comes to prisons - have you any idea how many prisoners manage to break out of the Swedish prisons every year? Ok, so, I don't really know how many. But there are hundreds. Talk about cameras!