Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stolen from ArmyAndrea :)

My ex is hopefully very happy:)
Maybe I should consider sleeping now?
I love ...do I need to write it? :)
I don’t understand credit cards. I just can't get my head around how they work. It's just one of those weird things I suppose.
I lose my will to live and/or stay at university when I go to 232 and 207 lectures. Which is why I don't :)
People say I’m brave for moving over alone. But I didn't move over alone!
Love is fantastic!
Somewhere, someone is just like me? I'd like to think not.
I will always love yyyoooouuuuu oooo my darling youuuu and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (I'll be singing that all day now. thanks a bunch!).
Forever's gonna start tonight:)
I never thought I would be moving into my own house before finishing uni. Campus is so comfortable and easy. Dead sick of it now though!
I think I need a plan. Sort everything out.
When I wake up I'm going to put my head down and finish this essay!
My past is in the past.
I get annoyed when people I don't know very well make fun of my accent. Fook orf! The people who are allowed to are fewer than the fingers on my left hand.
Parties are too few these days!
My dog would be lovely and sweet and not need walking. Ever.
My cat will be cute and cuddly, and actually LIKE me. They never do! :(
Kisses are lovely.
Tomorrow, I’m finishing my essay and sending a package to Essex. Lalala.
I really want to be able to sleep more. At night.
I have low tolerance for stupid people, silly people, boring people, overly traditional/fanatic people, people who try to push their beliefs on me, fake people. People in general :)

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