Friday, March 31, 2006

"I refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed people." - Wendy

So now I'm home. It's a-rockin' and a-rollin'.
I've been to Caroline's, Karin and I made her a Sheila-doll for her birthday (for those of you who weren't Åvaiter, she was the Psych teacher. And for Caroline's birthday last year we gave her a Freud Action Doll). Well, Miss Sheila is a re-made Barbie, with Tippex hair and BLUE clothes. As well as a water bottle and a notebook. She is a Beach Fun Sheila, so she has a beach bag, sunglasses (incidently blue) and a beach bag. Was great fun making her!!

Spent the night at Karin's after that, then went into town to go shopping. Bought jeans:P Then went out to my old school, cos Joanna had been bugging me about it for ages! Hehe. After that, to Victor's, where we watched Corpse Bride, and Trainspotting, ate popcorn and played Jenga. I won:P They're re-doing the hall in our house so couldn't go home til ten - was meant to be allowed in at five but.. he was late. What is it with builders and time management? I know I know, I shouldn't say anything, it's probably a very hard job to do, but when I'm slow in doing something, that doesn't mean a whole family can't enter their house all night! Anyway, turned out alright in the end - I was invited to stay for dinner;)

Then on Tuesday, Emma and I went to Västerås, to Karin's (her own flat, last mention was her parents' house). Had a great night, made AMAZING food and just talked for hours. Oh, and we went to Ikea:P lol. Always fun. Wasn't very crowded so was ok.

Yesterday I didn't do much. Some baking and cooking, a lot of reading. Today will most likely be the same:P

It's so cold! Snowing again. It's like an April Fool's joke. Crazy stuff. Luckily I don't have to endure much more of the Swedish Spring as I'm flying back to lovely Manchester on Thursday. Yes, I'll happily and willingly admit I can't wait. Not because being at home is THAT bad (hehe) but because... wait for it... you know what's coming... I miss Mike. Damn ASDA not giving him loads of paid holiday. Lol.

Getting loads of Jack White tunes sent to me - I must be in heaven!

night night



Dan said...

totally unrelated to the post, but this cheered me up on your profile :D hehe

Occupation: English Language with Creative Writing

Julia said...

haha, would you look at that! well... it IS my occupation isn't it? :P shut up, i am logical!


Joanna said...

tsk. It's more romantic if you don't meet as much. Think of your life as a Jane Austen novel. R o m a n c e. Not "hello-i'm-going-to-machester-all-the-time-because-i-hate-my-sister". Elizabeth Bennet would never do that. Never. Not even Emma Woodhouse. (You do spell it like that, right? And not Wodehouse? Ah well. You wouldn't know, because if you had read anything by Austen, you'd appreciate what's romantic and what's not, and you'd stay in Sweden... forever). Alright, that was me making a fool out of myself. But I have a fever, so it's ok. (how can you leave me here like this??)