Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wow. Been a while. I am constantly neglecting the dear blog... Well, at least this time I have a valid reason - I have no internet. And I've been on holiday.
Turkey was wonderful. Amazingly hot (but then we came home to find England very nearly just as hot. Ah well!), the only three downpoints of the holiday were

1) the shopkeeper who got angry when we wouldn't pay a ridiculous amount for some jeans, he chucked them at us and wouldn't let us leave the shop. Needless to say I was shaky after that! Haha.

2) the piece of glass in my muesli, and the fact that the waiters didn't speak enough English to understand what I was saying ("you want cereal in glass? you can put it in a glass if you want to.." while looking at me like I was a crazy lady)

3) the spider that jumped. Bleh.

Other than that, it was all fun and games!

Moved into the house in Manchester a week ago, it's all good and nice... and massive! lol.

Aaaand now I've been sat here too long, it's boiling outside and in this little 'internet cafe' I'm in, I swear it's about 75 degrees celcius. It's the upstairs of a little computer shop in Levenshulme, very lame. Hehe.

Anyways! I'm off, take care everyone...


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