Thursday, March 25, 2010

We are not airtight.

These are some random thoughts I had last night as I was drifting off to sleep. Normally I don't remember them, should be keeping a note book by my bed really!

I know a girl who claims she never poops. Not as a joke or in that giggly way some girls claim they don't fart (did I say 'some'? I never fart, obviously), she's adamant she does not do number twos.

Not a very nice thing to have lingering on your mind is it? Well it was on my mind at quarter to three this morning so it's only fair it's now on yours.

She's the kind of person I want to shake, and almost shout at her - or at least laugh. My mind is almost tempted to make a mean joke out of it - but that's not the person I am (I just write about it on my blog, see...) - but seriously. If she really does not poo, and has not pooed in her 21 years on this planet, then I'm seriously worried. She really needs to see a doctor about this...

Of course, I'd never say this. I just get that confused wrinkle between my eyebrows and go 'ooook...'

Another thought on my mind 4 hours ago is that I wish some people were airtight! Or that there was at least a mute button on them. Or that I could choose not to see them, kind of like a 'show as offline' button in real life...

In other news, I'm all better now and need to get to work. Yet I'm sat blogging on my sofa. It's raining outside you see, so I'm really not feeling it...


Steps Monday/Tuesday

Monday/Tuesday I did 22249 steps. Not bad considering I got the bus to and from work on Tuesday...

(really need to note these down every day! I'll never beat my mum at this rate...)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poorly, bus travels.

I'm ill again. Suddenly started feeling ill about mid day yesterday, thought I was going to be sick at work... So I went home. Was going to walk but couldn't face it so got on the bus. I was alright for the first bus. But on the second I was feeling worse so had to get off and be sick :( It was terribly embarrassing. Not a very busy area but there were a good few people around, all looking at me like I was drunk in the middle of the day? I was saying to Mike that if someone was being sick in the street in the middle of the day, obviously unwell and alone I would at least see if there was anything I could do to help. He didn't seem convinced I actually would... Would you? I'd like to think I would anyway!

So I went home and straight to bed. Slept all afternoon and all night. Am trying to stay up now, maybe I'll even do something constructive...

Not been sick since yesterday which is good. But decided to stay home today, still not feeling very good.

On the bus right before I got off a lady started talking to me. It started with something about York traffic being bad, but somehow she moved seamlessly onto job interviews, and why don't the adverts say there's a minimum height/driving licence required? If I understood her right she'd just been to an interview where they told her she was too short to waitress?? If I hadn't been forced to get off the bus I would've chatted more to her, cos that sounds shocking... Hopefully I misunderstood...

 We've started watching the Wire by the way - it's looking promising! Only seen 3 episodes so far bur I'm enjoying it... Have you seen it?

Right, I'm going to have a shower and try to eat something. And maybe do something productive...


Monday, March 15, 2010


I've walked 16541 steps today.

Home time.

Not really had a proper headache in ages (being ill doesn't count) but today I've got one. Moanmoanmoan. I moan too much.

It's really windy outside, maybe a refreshing walk home will make it all better?

Have finished work now but am still sat at my desk. I quite like it here. The thing I liked the least about my job in Manchester (as well as other jobs I've had - but that one in particular) was that my back was towards everyone else in the office. Not that I'd take the piss and surf the web all day, but I don't like people being behind me like that for many reasons. Certain technicians used to take full advantage of this and sneak up on me. Anyway, my point was... that I'm basically in the corner here. Half turned away from a colleague but no one can walk up behind me. Win!

Had lunch with a Nathan today who has his own office. Well, nearly his own anyway! Was nice to catch up a bit.

Got my step counter on today - so far I'm on 9332 steps today. Which, considering I have a desk job, isn't too bad...

Poor Mike's gears have all fallen off, half way to work... Gears on his bike, that is. Not car, luckily... I guess that's what you get for trying to be healthy ;)


Helmets compulsory for under 18s in Jersey.

For some reason I've got Defying Gravity stuck in my head. Odd.

This annoys me, why is there even a debate? I just don't understand how people are opposed to wearing helmets. Or, to their children wearing helmets. A friend of the family had a rather horrific bike accident and will never be the same again - people don't realise how big a difference a helmet can make. And no, it wasn't due to a car or there 'not being proper speed limits' as the guy claims.

Are people really so vain and stubborn so they won't bike if they have to wear a helmet? I agree with the parent who says it's like seatbelts - it'll become second nature before long if it's compulsory.

That was a shorter rant than in my head - but it's time to go to work! Well done Jersey!

What do you think? Do you wear a helmet when you bike? Would you stop biking if you had to wear a helmet?


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. There's a lot going on and I'm struggling to keep up. No, you don't need to be worried - I'm fine. Just busy.

It'll get better, just need to get some things out of the way and then I can get on with the every day stuff  :)

Quite a few projects seem to be starting to come together so I'm pleased :) Will update at some point, I'm sure.

Went for a few drinks with colleagues at the council on Friday, it was really nice. And hearing people's positive reactions when I told them I'd still be working there a day a week for a while was great :) Planning a girly weekend in London to see a show in Sept or so with some of those colleagues as well!

Have given up on the Cognitive Psych course I started, was way too far behind by the time I got accepted onto the course... Shame! But I can always do it another time. Have just started another one in communication, group dynamic and e-services. Looks great! And applied for a few for the summer, will see which ones I get onto...

It's taken me all night to write this post, I keep getting distracted. Sigh. Bed time I think, need a break.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

I tried to make it an even month.

I'm going to resist starting this with 'wow, it's been a while' or 'I'm such a rubbish blogger...' Nope, those don't count - I'm just quoting myself.

Started my new job at the uni, it's great :) I lasted a week before coming down with the flu and being off a full week. Tried going in on Thursday but was sent home by the nice ladies in my office within the hour. But like my cousin says, should always listen to the ladies cos they tend to be right...

As I've had the flu, I've spent all the time I've not been asleep or wallowing (which was most of last week - well, mostly asleep. I barely wallowed) watching rubbish TV shows. For example - Accidentally on Purpose. Has anyone seen this gem? Yep, it stars Jenna Elfman from Dharma & Greg and it's amusing enough to watch when you're in bed with flu. Not really at any other time.

My sister and I were always big fans of Dharma & Greg. I'm sure she'd deny it if asked, though. Isn't it amusing though that Elfman went on to do Accidentally on Purpose (genius as it may be...) whereas the male lead, Thomas Gibson went on to do Criminal Minds? Well, I find it amusing. I love Criminal Minds. But I won't make the mistake of watching it when home alone for a weekend again - and Mike won't watch it with me... boo! I should probably stick to reading scary things rather than watching them.

I've pretty much run out of books to read. I don't like re-reading things too soon after having read them, it seems like a waste to me... but don't think I'll get rid of books! I do need another book case or two though. A bigger house maybe - with a library... ooh. I need to marry someone rich.