Saturday, February 17, 2007

I've just been prodded. Apparently I don't blog as much as I used to... Very true.

I'm also very intrigued - not even questioning the use of 'blog' as a verb. Verbalisation (no, not the process of putting a thought into speech) is brilliant. In one circle, we use 'frying pan' as a verb - after an emoticon bashing another over the head with a frying pan. It is very useful. It's also a lot easier to do in Swedish. Verbalising, not frying panning.

So... I've been ill. Like really really ill. Finally a valid excuse as to why I've not been doing work. Can't seem to get my ass into gear - I know exactly what needs to be done and I'm not really struggling with any of it. It's just a case of being sat staring at the monitor, not knowing where to start. I've split it up into small small sections - and will write a list of what needs to be done. But... what now? It's striking me that I have four more things to hand in, and one exam. Then I'm done. Then I have a degree.

Did I tell you we found a flat in manch for next year? Well.. we found a flat in Manch for next year. Can't wait to live with Mike:) And to decorate... I'm such a girl! Ah who cares. I want a spice rack. I want a clean kitchen! And I want people to stop using my spices... That's why we're living on our own;)

I have this story planned out in my head. I try and I try and I try to write it down, but all that comes out is clichés. I read too much in the genre? If only I could make the cliché clichéd enough for it to be good. Post-ironic, or something.

Mum's uncle had another fall, they think a stroke. Am very worried, I hope he is alright and not in pain... Keep him in your thoughts, people, and I'll be very grateful:)

Take care of yourselves, lovelies.