Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Now then!

Today has been spent.. mainly in bed. Had some pasta for lunch, messed about on net and with trying to create a dual boot (well, Mike did.. I pretended to have a clue what he was on about. I'm such a girl).. And not he's at work, and I tried going to the shops but.. would you believe it - they're shut! So now I'm sat here, without a clue what to have for dinner. Takeaway? Chinese, maybe? Haha.

Tomorrow will alsp most likely be spent achieving absolutely nowt (should have just stayed in bed like I know how)... Working at night though. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bank holiday... Oh well, I don't HAVE to stay late every night, and I DO get paid for it. So it is worth it, really.

Still haven't heard back from H&M - TOSSERS! Interview was over three weeks ago, and I've even rung to ask where I stand.. But to no avail. I mean, I can take a hint, I know I didn't get the job.. But couldn't they even send out a letter? That's the main reason I'll be phoning them tomorrow.. It's just common courtesey isn't it? I come in for an interview and they can't even spend an A4 sheet and an envelope on telling me "Sorry, no"...

Oh well, I'm happy anyway.

Might tidy this room tonight, can I be bothered? It's a lot of effort.. But at least I will have done something with my day. Tomorrow... library maybe? Ah but then I'm working at night... I think Tuesday is much better for librarygoings. (Monday is Bank Holiday, and on Friday I'll have worked the night before and will work that night.. soooooo. Yeah.)


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