Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My tooth is hurting tonight. Maybe I should neck a couple of ibuprofens, go to bed?

Plan for tomorrow:
Do some creative writing work, finish 203 work for presentation. Go to crew seminar. Meet up with Dave + rest of group to polish off the presentation. Replace my railcard. Get all the 207 lecture notes printed off. Sleep.
Or something like that.

Joanna got her work done - yay! All thanks to me, obv-i-ous-ly. Mother commenting on my blog :) Been hearing dad's doing better :)

If it wasn't for the tooth, I'd be rather content right now. Only a week and a half till reading week, which will obviously be spent at Mike's. WIth my lecture notes and a highlighter pen. Been invited to a party in Bury on Monday, Stefan's 20th. Will be ace!
And Tuesday... Tuesday is Valentine's day. And, more importantly, Mike and mine first year anniversary. :)

..I just can't seem to stop smiling for some reason.

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