Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've been out tonight. Toast alternative night. It wasn't brilliant, but then Toast never is. A lot of creepy guys as per usual, but ignoring them seemed to work in most cases. Where it didn't, a well placed elbow did the trick!

Dave came by for a bit, not seen him in ages! Well, since.. err.. last 203 thing? Or something. Same with Jack. Well, I'd have been surprised if he'd have been in a 203 seminar as he does philosophy or something like that. But yeah, this time I recognised him. Took him a while to recognise me though, could've been the drunkenness, could've been my blondeness. Who knows, who cares?

Went to Grassington last week as well, was ace:) Went for a meal with Mike's mum, his sister and her boyfriend at the Tennants, amaaaazing food. Then down the pub. Lalala.

Managed to get two out of the five things I put on eBay sold, I thought that was pretty good. Ok, so only one person bid on them. But still! I'm like, a tenner richer:) Well chuffed, at least someone likes my stuff.

Been trying to write this essay for a while now, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Not counting maths or ridiculously hard chemistry here! But I've got until Friday, and it's very doable! So should be alright. More worried about revision - but today was a bank holiday, and everybody knows you can't revise on holidays. And tomorrow is the day after a bank holiday, so that doesn't work. And the day after is a Wednesday... So yeah. Not gonna happen;)

OOO! I got approved by the translation agency! So happy! Yes, congratulations are in order. Lol. Just waiting to hear back from potential clients now. Also waiting to hear back from Shell Step, wonder how that works really. Think I might ring the dude tomorrow. Am also ringing Barclays, for a phone interview.. Cross your fingers, everyone! Wouldn't mind getting into banking, it's proper experience and beats breakfast hostess jobs.. ahem.

Now I'm out of things to say. So... goodnight!

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