Friday, May 05, 2006

It's 06:10 Friday morning, well-adjusted adults are just getting up for work with the sun. School children are being woken by the shrieks of their alarms, immidiately checking their phones for possible missed calls or texts that have arrived during the night, before going downstairs for their breakfast. University students are in bed, having stumbled in only a few hours earlier. There is no chance of them waking up before the sun has passed its peak today; they feel they deserve this rest.

I'm bored. Came in at half two, rang Mickey. Spent some time sorting my lecture notes while Panda was asleep on my floor. Walked her back, with Emma. Sat there for a while. Came back here, tried to convince Emma to stay up with me, unsuccessfully I might add. Ate some toast, and washed a shit-load of dishes. None of the things I washed were mine. Then I attempted to clean the cookers but they were so minging I gave up. Now I'm writing.

Have a job interview tomorrow. Today. Wish me luck! It's for some posh hotel in Manchester. I also finished my essay!

And am sat here hoping today will be as nice as yesterday. Bloomin' tropical! Lovely. Yeah yeah global warming, blah blah. Nothing wrong with enjoying one of the few perks of something awful.

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