Thursday, March 09, 2006

I've been watching the ITV News series "3 degrees from disaster." You can guess what it's about - global warming. A reporter, Lawrence, is travelling around the world (let's hope he's hiking or cycles, wouldn't want to raise those three degrees now, would we!) investigating what's causing the greenhouse effect. This week he's been in the Amazon jungle, where an area of _six_ football pitches is cut down and burnt every _minute_. I never used to care too much about trying to make a difference but lately the thought has actually crossed my mind. The other day, they were challenging a family to cut down their energy wasting, and apparently they could save a third of what they spend on heat and electricity by insulating the house, using energy saving light bulbs and not using their car as much. Crazy!

So, what can I do? Well, as a student I don't really have a car I can choose not to use, I always take the bus anyway. And living in halls, I'm not in charge of changing the light bulbs so that's out of my hands. Can't do a lot really, except turn lights off and keep heater low. Wanted: ideas?

On a similar note, what's with the Powergen ad? How can they get away with saying it's cheaper than Grittish Bass? I mean, I know how they can, as it's not a lie and if prices change they can always argue there is no such thing as Grittish Bass. But it's cheeky!

What is also cheeky is the new Grit - sorry, British Gas - scheme saying the March 1st prices will be frozen for three years. All good and well, I hear you say. Only the March 1st prizes are way higher than any other energy provider's.

Ah well, enough about energy!

More about ads, however. By the way, I know it sounds like I've just been lazing about watching TV lately, but it's purely for educational purposes - I do do LING232; the Language of Media. I mean Hello! :) Back on track: Most ads in this country are to do with finances. Insurance, credit cards, loans, and so the list goes on... Makes me quite sad really. Should I blame capitalism? Do I want to go down that road? Go on then! In this capitalist society money is obviously, well, the basis, the building blocks so to speak. But to borrow money to pay off your credit card, and then borrowing off someone else to pay your mortgage... And then having to borrow again because you can't pay back your loans. Madness!

Me, I'll be cancelling the credit card I've used only once, and doubtfully ever getting another one. It would be too easy for me to fall into that trap - 'you mean I can spend £500 now and pay it back later? Hell yeah, sounds good to me!'

Have also been watching The Weakest Link. Anne Robinson is funny. And by that I mean dead boring. What's funny is how most people don't seem the least bit phazed by her attempts to throw them off. The other night there was this lad with trendy, greasy hair - and she kept going on about his spots! Was happy to see he just laughed at her.

Am looking to book a holiday in June. Somewhere hot. Obviously. Any ideas? Was thinking Turkey, but not sure how cheap it would be. Would love to go to Greece, but that's gone well touristy and expensive, so out of the question... sadly.

Just came back from doing a presentation, think it went well. Always encouraging to look over and see Kev nodding! At least he's not an arsehole when you say something silly, unlike some...

It's raining... at least it's stopped snowing!! Three days of SLASK was more than enough.

Got a letter off Kerstin today, not heard form her in a while! Wrote to her months and months ago, and she's just not replied. Haha, as if I never do that, not really bothered. Also got one off Victor:) So maybe this weekend won't be a 207 coursework weekend after all, but rather a letter writing weekend? Who knows. The only two things I know about this weekend is that I'm not going down to Mike's, and that I'm doing tours Saturday.

And next week my sister is here! YEY! Haha, both Mark, Andy and Lisa have offered to house a Swedish girl. Who to pick, who to pick? Do I trust any of them? ;) Nah, I'm sure it will be alright for them to share that mattress on Mike's floor, it's positively massive! Plus, avoids key-finding and up-wakings. We'll see.

Sugarhouse tonight? Not been in ages, kinda miss it. At least I'm not ill anymore! Only a matter of days before I get ill again, most likely. Poo!

Now, time has come for me to post this. And finish that skirt. Once and for all. And then I have to finish Joanna's top and bag - had nearly forgotten bout them!



Dan said...

dear dear, concerned about energy usage? You, swedish, never?!

We suck compared to you.

"Most ads in this country are to do with finances. Insurance, credit cards, loans"

Objection! Look whos been watching too much daytime tv!

Evening adverts are much more diverse and rarely include those adverts, lots of cars and retail adverts.

What is quite sad is that those (cheaper) finance adverts are targeted at those who are already poor and unemployed. Its a horrible vicious circle of making money off the already poor.

Joanna said...

I'm proud of you. So: join Greenpeace now!