Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We went to Sweden for Christmas - was wonderful. Loads of snow (but I'm told there's been nearly as much in the UK anyway so not much to brag about!) but not all that cold. No less than minus 10 I don't think.

The flight back was terrible. We cheaped out and got a connection in Amsterdam. The one inch of snow in Newcastle as we were leaving did however close the airport for three hours. So of course we missed our connection... Got to Schiphol, and queued for two hours or so to get booked on a transfer flight - and then the transfer desk closed. Fun fun. So, we had to go down to baggage claim and queue for another two hours to get a pass to a hotel room. It was now well past 2am. We then waited half an hour to get a coach to said hotel - before boredom, frustration and cigarette cravings got the better of us and we left. The next flight to Stockholm was at 7am and not knowing whether we'd be able to get on it we thought it better to wait by the ticket desk which would open again at 5.30am than to go to a hotel, sleep two hours (or, oversleep...) and then come back.

Mike dozed on the floor for a bit while we waited for the desk to open. We were second in line when they did - and they told us we'd already been transferred onto the first flight! It was a relief obviously, but still frustrating to not be told anything and having to worry all night.

That plane, too, was late setting off. About an hour. But we finally made it to Stockholm (12 hours late?)!

Just one more problem... you guessed it! Our bag was lost. So, another queue to report that. And then home - baking & socialising, 20+ people over in the evening and then - SLEEP! And the bag arrived the next day. Lucky, all the Christmas presents were in there!

That's all for now, folks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

on Snobbery.

It's so amusing. I find myself reading blog/forum posts around the net filled with British snobbery. Well. Let me explain.

They moan about posh people, about people with money - how awful anyone with a good upbringing or who was lucky enough to be born into an upper/middle class household is. They moan about those at the other end of the spectra - those without anything, those on benefits, those on the verge of desperation or on the periphery of society. Nothing and no one is good enough for these moaners, the worst snobs of them all.

If you're not brought up in a family who are/were struggling financially; if you didn't go to a crap school; if you can afford to go to uni without working at least 20 hours a week to earn your keep; if your family is actually supportive and help you out (financially or otherwise) to help you achieve your goals and - worst of all - if you actually accept their help: well then you're posh. You don't deserve good things, no matter how hard you work, because you've 'always had it easy'.

This little moan would make a lot more sense if I had some quotes to illustrate - but I'm not interested in starting Blog Wars 2009 (or, 2010 nearly...), and I'm not interested in hurting anyone's feelings, in case they happen to come across this post.

I'm just... I'm part amused, part annoyed by these people. Why shouldn't I embrace being born into a reasonably well off family; why should I have to be ashamed of that? I've got massive student debts - from the very generous Swedish government - and paired with my parents'/great uncle's generous gifts at Christmas and birthdays etc I've never *had* to have a job whilst studying. But for most of it I did - not a lot of hours, and not throughout, but the implication that everyone with a similar background to myself are strangers to working is insulting.

Don't get me wrong - I admire those that have come from a more difficult background who have worked so hard to be able to go to uni (or, who's parents have worked so hard to enable their kids to get a better future). But I resent the snobbery from some of these people.

It reminds me - somehow, I'm not 100% sure how - of 'old' vs. 'new' money. But the other way around. In that situation, the fact that 'new' money has obviously worked hard to get where they are is ignored - and the focus is on the lack of history/heritage...

I've rambled on enough now - and as always, completely forgotten where I wanted to go with this post. You're used to it by now, I'd have thought...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm torn.

As I was walking home, headphones on, walking quickly as it was so cold, a man approached me asking something. I took my headphones off and stopped to ask him to repeat himself. He asked for some change.

I told him I was sorry, but I had no cash on me. He asked again, 'it's for the phone'. 'I am sorry, I've got no change' I repeated.

He then proceeded to get a bit aggressive with me, he came up close and raised his voice. Like he's entitled to my money, and I was being unreasonable not giving him any. I repeated, again, that I really didn't have any cash, and I walked on, putting my headphones on and walking away. He did shout something after me but thanks to Silverchair I didn't hear him.

Now. I actually didn't have any cash, but that's completely besides the point. I don't like feeling forced or guilt tripped into giving money. Blablabla. I give a lot of my time to a charity of my choice, and I'll always donate pennies etc to the charity boxes in shops. I don't want to be approached and asked for money. If I'm approached in the street by people asking for donations (I don't mean beggars - by charity representatives) I always say I'd love to - but I only have a Swedish bank account so unfortunately I can't. A white lie - I don't want to give out my bank details on the bloomin' street. It is, incidentally, a nice way of getting people to tell me they love me. It's often the only sentence charity fundraisers (especially in Nottingham?!) can say in Swedish.

I digress.

So, one part of me is annoyed and frustrated at being approached by someone asking for change. Not at being approached per se - but at being hassled.

The other part... well, I don't think people would do it if they weren't desperate. It doesn't really matter if this guy was actually wanting change for the phone or if he wanted it for drugs - it was obvious he was desperate for 50p. Or however much he was asking for.

I don't know.

Charities struggle. People struggle. I don't know and don't care if it's because of a recession, because of people letting themselves get into debt or hooked on drugs. The point is, they're struggling. And I'm all for helping people but I believe it needs to be done through the appropriate channels. If nothing else to stop people being taken advantage of.

You see it everywhere. People are so vulnerable and blind, especially where love is involved. I worked with someone who was a complete pushover at the mercy of her son - she was cajoled into babysitting several times a week so that the son & girlfriend could go out. And of course, she loves her grandkids so she does it. And she doesn't moan. But she was being treated so badly - taken for granted. I'm not sure how that relates to the previous paragraphs exactly but nevermind.

I had an idea - partly thanks to Nathan - as I do flexi time, I could technically work 8-6 four days a week and have one day off to focus on house work + my charity work. I may run this past my boss. Not sure it would be allowed though!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Toe seems to be healing nicely. Still hurts but it's no longer blue. In fact, it's nearly back to it's proper size and colour!

Watched some interview with Russell Brand earlier. I'm not a fan. But he's very articulate and I have to admire his intellect. Will I write more about this another day? Stay tuned kids.


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Because you're interested.

..I should probably let you know that my contract working in IT with the council has been extended until 8th Jan for now. All thumbs up!

I also met Paul's baby today. She's lovely :)

I wanted to stop and listen.

When I was walking home the other day, I overheard two blokes talking:

A - 'well it keeps her fucking sweet, stops her fucking whinging anyway...'

B - 'but we just had a Dominoes'

..that's all I heard. I was intrigued. Sadly there was no way to stop and listen without being really obvious about it.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Ask me anything


Yep, the toe is broken. Funfun!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Toe owwie.

A few months ago I wouldn't stop moaning about my sprained ankle. I got over that. And what did I do last night? That's right, I tripped on a cable and stubbed my toe. Big crunchy sound. It's now blue, twice the size and I can barely walk. Kept waking up from the pain, and have been feeling quite sick today. Should probably get it checked out... but I'm sure it's not broken so all they'll tell me is to just walk on it. Feel like I'd be wasting their time.

Oh I do like a good moan!