Thursday, March 16, 2006

"I'm a man, I need manly hobbies... like picking heavy things and putting them back down again." - Mister Rob.

Thanks for that, made my night! Reminds me of Bradley Hathaway and his poem Manly Man. Don't be put off by his faith, by the way. He's done some well good stuff and I WISH I could write like that. Poo.

Finally finished that essay. Thank God! Probably need some touch-ups but I cannae be bothered. Don't have the time! Will look through it one more time, then I will shower and pack my bag, then go do my presentation. Then... guess where? Manchester-way. Obviously.

If you read this, Sarah - again, I'm sorry. Next week, yeah?

On a lighter note, Joanna is in the country AS WE SPEAK! Well chuffed. Seeing her on... Sunday! yayyayayayaya! Hehe. Can't wait.

And, last night Dad said he'd get me a sewing machine! So all songanddance over here today... or something like that.

So hungry, food? Maybe?

This made me laugh. Especially after reading people's complaints about ads in the 232 seminar a few weeks ago. Sometimes, only a few people have to complain for them to ban an ad.. it's very strange. Can be for all kinds of reasons, and I think a lot of good and provocative ads have been cancelled because of it. Has anyone seen the baby with the silver spoon, for example? Now, that was allowed to stay on, which I thought was a good decision by the ASA, but some of the decisions they've made have just been silly (See above example). The public does not need to be protected. If something upsets you, why not avoid it instead of complaining?

Right, time to shower.
See you after le Weekend!


joanna said...

why would anyone be put off by his faith? are you put off by mine?

Julia said...

no no, but some people are quick to dismiss art if its labelled as christian. silly girl:)