Saturday, May 19, 2007

I know most (all?) people who read this are people I speak to on a nearly daily basis. So you're allowed to skip ahead a bit! But I just want to brag a bit. Or, brag is wrong. Basque in my own glory? No. Let you all know...? Nah, brag pretty much covers it.

You know that dissertation I was worried about? I got 80%. Am going to work together with my supervisor to get it published in the International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law. I think I have a pretty good chance anyway, but if it does get published I'll def get onto the MSc Forensic Speech Sciences in York for 2008. VERY excited!

Mike and I have now booked tickets to visit Sweden, 26 July-13 Aug. Very cheap tickets, but the 13th is such an annoying date - Joanna's and Mum's birthdays are just after that, but the Silverchair concert in Manch is on the 12th!! I don't know. I've been wanting to see Silverchair since I was 13, they just haven't toured Europe since then. And now they're here and I'm not going! Although they are playing in Nottingham on the 13th... Daz, could we stay at yours?! Pretty please! Lol.

Anyhoo, it'll be Mike's visit to the lovely Sweden. Any suggestions on where I should take him? We are going down to my summer house in Blekinge (or here) for about a week, but apart from that...? Tom Tits is a must - is anything there adult sized by the way? Grona Lund as well. Probably a boat trip in the archipelago... Can you tell I'm very excited? I just want to share all this with him...

Just because: I've been told SOMEONE is going to South Africa to volunteer for a few months, wow!! Just hope I get to see you before you go!

So now, with only one exam left of my university career (well, for now) I'm feeling strangely calm. Probably because I'm pretty confident about Stylistics (knocks wood) but also becuase there's nothing I can do to change my Creative Writing mark. And the 80% didn't exactly upset me either. Haha.

Now I'm bored, so am going to eat bread and watch Crossing Jordan. (It isn't very good, but don't tell anyone!)


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


So I was flying home for the funeral, and to stay a few days. Got a flight, changeover in Copenhagen. Bad idea. My plane was the 3rd or 4th to get cancelled as the strike started. By the time I got to the SAS counter where I could try to get booked on another flight, approx 1000 people were queueing already. Dad checked night trains for me, decided it wasn't worth risking trying to get a morning flight - lucky that, they were all cancelled as well! When I got down to luggage place, about 800 people were already waiting to get their luggage out. So I left it and hopped on the train to Malmö (south of Swe). Lovely city, by the way! Only very boring when you have 2.5 hours to kill on own in the evening. I went to McDonalds! Spoke to Cibbe, who suggested I come to Lund to eat and meet him, though I didn't dare as I was getting another train to Stockholm. Turns out the train I was on stopped in Lund, so wouldn't have been a problem. Banghead! Argh! Anyhoo. Didn't get a sleep carriage thingy, so had to sit up all night. Not overly comfortable, but beats sleeping in the airport which a lot of people had to do.

The funeral was beautiful. It was in Skogskyrkogården, a large cemetary with big hills and a lot of trees and lawns and stuff. It's lovely. A lot of Erik's friends from his hiking club came, which was nice. We'd never met them before. Mum had written a little speech that the priest read during the funeral, it was just a perfect goodbye. Sweet dreams, Erik, rest in peace.

I feel like I've done so much this week, but thinking about it I really haven't. Met up with some friends and some girlfriends of friends. There appears to be an inflation in girlfriends and boyfriends being acquired across my friends. It's great! And they're all lovely as well. Also, the name Moa for my friends' girlfriends is becoming increasingly popular. Well, up to two now. But considering I've only ever met one Moa before in my life (that I can remember) I'm a bit surprised to see two in the space of a few months. Someone who does stats or a related subject may want to ponder that one a bit? :)

Am only blogging now because I need to pack. But my room is cold and I hate packing. I'm just so bad at it! Seem to be getting more and more stuff to take over to the lovely Britain every time. Doesn't make sense... Well, it does. But argh! Ah, as long as Mike can put up with living with me and all my junk it'll all be good.

I really should get on with it. Not sure if my family reads this blog but: I love you. Been great seeing you :)