Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm a tool.

Meant to ring Shell Step today.. and it's a UK bank holiday. Meh. Should've rung on Friday. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Rang TransLitera, and.. the office is closed for lunch. How ace is that:)

Joanna's got a job interview today... so a big shoutout of good lucks to her! Or something like that.

I should just go back to bed.

Can't do that though, got fish cooking in the oven.

So i picked new glasses. I'm not completely sure about them but I do like them. Might grow tired of them quite quickly. But oh well, if I do I'll just have to be a man about it... and throw them on the ground and accidently step on them :D Also getting sunglasses - with like proper glassesglass in them. Hahaha. My English is terrible today. 'Hi, I'm Julia. I'm a translator. What languages? Swedish to English, mainly. If Im good? Well... yeah. I've got a blog to prove my English skillZZZ.'

Oh dear God, I didn't sleep enough.

Don't think I ever mentioned how the Barclays interview went? Or maybe I did... They're twats anyway. In the phone interview I clearly stated I wanted part time. And when the lady, Christine Sutton, rang me up, she said the test was for a part time position. And when I get there, Christine Sutton tells me they don't do part time. I mean wtf! I'd love a job at a bank, I know I'd be good at it. What I need is full time July through September, then part time (like... 3 or 4 days a week depending on my schedule at uni). But apparently they wouldn't be able to keep me up to date with everything that is happening in the banking world if I'm working part time (wouldn't that mean no bank can ever have part time employees?). And then she said... that during the Summer months they take in ex-members of staff to work. And they are kept up to speed how?

So annoyed, had to struggle not to cry.

Then I went outside, it was pissing it down... And met up with Mickey for a bit, got a hug... then a car fucking splashed up! On purpose as well! I bet he's a bus driver in his professional life. It was very annoying.

But then.. I went to Piccadilly and met up with Rob, Louise, Cat, Warren, Tania, Lainey, Pete, Dee and Chris. So turned out to be a pretty good day after all:D Not met them all before, and had really missed the people I have met before... Hadn't seen Warren in TWO YEARS! Madness. Got a wee bit tipsy, then went to ASDA after they all went home... Spent about an hour stood in the vodka aisle talking to Mike. Was good fun:) After that I went back to halls and watched the end of the Eurovision. I liked Lordi, but they're not Eurovision material... Not being patriotic, but Sweden should've won. The only classic Eurovisiony song there was! Haha, I don't care really. Just that I bet a pound on her and lost to Lydia.

I'm nearly finished with the dress I'm wearing Friday. I can't believe my sister is graduating!! Somehow she'll always be about 11 in my eyes.. And she's nearly 19! Craziness. They grow up so fast...

I'm outties - buhbye.

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Joanna said...

I bet you still tell people I'm eleven too