Saturday, August 12, 2006

True to form, no writing in ages. I'd say I've been WELL busy, but that would be a lie... I'm working, mainly handing out flyers for a bar. Some glass collection/bar work as well, but not too often. It's boring and it's minimum wage, but I don't mind it too much. At least it's not stressful, I'm not being constantly watched by a manager or anything. Still, I'd prefer a proper job. One that pays well, where I don't have to deal with drunken twats and crazy tramps. (The other night one of them asked Jennie if she wanted to buy some cock. I mean, come on...)

Sean and Hanna are up (down? over?) at the moment, we all went out last night. Wasn't too bad, no hangover today! Hehe.

Going home to Sweden next week, both Joannas and my Mums birthdays.. what do I get them? Ideas muchly appreciated!

I'm bored of writing for now... Might return later, but probably not. Apologies, dear readers (cos there's so many of you!), I will not be an awful blogger for all eternity.. ahem.


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Joanna said...

att du kommer hem duger bra som present, behöver dig lite nu