Wednesday, March 01, 2006

1/3 2006
This week I have...

Bought two kilos of fabric, applied for fifteen jobs
Sent out letters, tidied my room
Slept twenty hours, sneezed a gazillion times
Been to my lectures, done all my work
Gotten ahead on the damn dissertation.

Made a bag, a skirt and a top
Started a bag which will be sold
Looked all around for work experience
Outlined a business, drawn a vowel diagram
Transcribed various texts
Started coursework for 207 and 203
Taken a long ass walk
Got out of bed at eight

...and it's only three pm Wednesday.

I seriously don't know what to do about 203. I sort of feel like I've got it under control but I'm not sure. Grammar last term was hard enough, phonetics is more fun but hard. Annoying, all those little diacritics etc. Formants.

But anyway, I shouldn't complain, because essentially I enjoy it.

Should do more writing though. I just can't find the time. Sounds odd, as I'm a student with oodles of spare time on my hands, but I'm always doing a trizillion things at once and for writing I need space. Buses and trains are usually ideal, and god knows I've been on enough of them lately!!

Enough about that, who wants to buy me a sewing machine? It won't be a gift, as soon as I start making money off what I sell I'll pay you back for it. Maybe a percentage? I only need about £75 - that's for a very basic second hand one. If you feel extremely generous and want to give me quality (1800 seams? please? hahaha) we're talking hundreds. And I don't need that! It just takes so long sewing by hand all the time. Don't get me wrong, I do like it, but you get tired of it.

Joanna is coming over soon, I can't wait! Made her a lace up type top out of my old purple skull and cross bone shirt. She's loving the photo I sent (at least that's what she said! The lying minx...) and I'm hoping it will fit. If not, I'll just have to redo a few seams. No biggie.

Can't get rid of this headache, it's probably because of the cold. Thankfully, that seems to be going. Had a few coughing fits in my lecture this morning, but no one tried to chuck me out. I was expecting them to! Anyway, munching paracetamol, and am on my fourth water bottle of the day. If that doesn't do the trick (and I doubt it will) I might take a nap. Just a nap, forty five minutes or so, nothing exstensive.. yeah right!

I've realised my blog must be immensely boring! I should write about.. current affairs, or do political satire or something like that. But that would require me being up to date on things like that. And I can assure you, I am not. Will however have a think about it, and possibly introduce a new feature to this blog in the next few days... stay tuned.

And comment! I love comments and hardly anyone comments. BOO!



Cibbe said...

Hej Julia
Coolt att du har en sån härn...kul att läsa om hur du har det. Här börjar våren, äntligen, e förba**at trött på modden och mörkret..jag vill ha grönt gräs på fotbollsplanerna och sol som väcker mig på morgonen.....Ska du hem över påsk? Hör av dig. Ciao

Cibbe said...

Glömde säga att jag köpt en t-shirt som det står följande på: What would Magyver do? med en bild på en tom toarulle på

dan said...

Really must learn swedish..

Well, no. I'm not a languages person and well, sadly learning swedish doesn't attract me. Although being so language illeterate embarsses me. Ah well. I can, err smile with style ;)

Julia said...

cibbe: grönt gräs låter bra - sol har vi iaf! så ett steg i rätt riktning. fotbollsplanerna har jag däremot inga specifikationer för, det fältet lämnar jag till dig! hahaha.

jag ska indeed hem över påsk, vet inte när exakt och hur länge än, men jag hör av mig. och risken finns ju att du inte läser detta så det är nog bäst om jag hör av mig i vilket fall!

tuff tshirt:P

dan: tough! lol.

Joana said...

hellu. don't know whether to write in swedish or english, your friends confuse me. hahaa i'll go with english, because that way anyone who reads this will think i speak english, and then they'll surf on to my blog (secret: not on the cia page), and be disappointed! (please let me have some fun... spring break is so boring) newei, i am not a minx, only a bit of a vixen. but i couldn't lie to you. liked the top. coming over, will need money cause i have none. oh, and little britain is back on over here. loving fat fighters, but the general fat jokes are getting a bit tedious. see you soon. good-boo