Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So I am officially self employed. How very grown up!

Went to Brum for Warren's birthday on Monday, was an ace night! And cool to meet Rose (and Chris, obviously!). Will def make more of an effort to go to Brum more, it's like.. the best place ever. Well, nearly. And Warren's family is lovely as well!

Andandand I would like to see the Johns, not been there in ages and feeling kinda bad.. Have pretty much lost touch with them:( Next time I'll go for longer! And see more people! And spend a lot more money in the ace market! Only bought a jacket this time... It's very glittery, not sure what to do with it. Will post a picture, if I can be bothered.

So yeah, self employed. Do taxes and NI and all that jazz... It's for the translation work. Now I'm just hoping I will get some more assignments from them so it will actually be worth the hassle.. lol.

Have a job interview Friday with some retail company thingy. Wish me luck! Problem is, the interview is in Preston. Well, that isn't the problem. The problem is a lady from uni wants me to do the international arrivals, and come up for an 'informal chat' at the end of this week... Which is all good and well, but will I be able to make it to uni before they go home Fri afternoon, if I'm in Preston at 3? Hope so... Emailed the retail lady to ask if I could do the interview a bit earlier, if she doesnt spot my email tomorrow I'll have to ring and ask... Ah, it will work out! If nothing else, I'll go to Lancs, meet with uni lady mid day, then go down to Preston... Lots of travelling, but hey... 'those who don't travel only read the first page' Haha.

Bored now, more writing later.


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karin said...

how nice of you to put to identical posts up Luuulia...was it just to get me confused or what?!
lets make a can come with me when i go visit the johns...and then you go visit them every now and then for me too, since you are a bit closer to brum than i am...sounds good :)
will probably come 17-22/10...i hope it'll work out! really wanna be honest with you i miss uk...but don't tell, its a secret ;)
puss å kram karin