Monday, February 08, 2010

It's nearly been a month, how did that happen?

Quite a lot has been happening - I'm sure I'll not post about it all so I won't promise I will.

Graduated a few weekends ago, it was nice. Parents & Joanna came over which was lovely - this flat may be big but it sure isn't big enough for 5 people... Bittersweet feeling as always when they left, I miss them. But should get to see Dad in March and all of them for Dad's 60th at Easter. Which reminds me, I've not booked my flight yet, oops!

The actual graduation was great, with good speeches from both the chancellor and the honorary doctorate. I'd never heard about him but I enjoyed his speech. May tell you more about it another day. Oh look, I'm doing it again - promising you things I'll probably never do...

After the ceremony we took loads of photos, Dad tried on my robe & hat (and they really suited him!) and then we went for lunch at Ask. Nice place, so busy on a Sat lunch though... And we were all pretty tired from getting up early + late night the night before. Then we went to the pub with some people off my course + their families which was really nice. Crazy warm though.

Was also elected as secretary for the charity I work with - not that anyone else stood for the role at the AGM, but still... Am quite excited but am still trying to get my head around it.

I shall tell you more about work another time - too tired right now!

Cleveland Show is on TV and it's so ridiculously bad. I expected it to be bad but not quite like this. I wouldn't recommend it.