Thursday, March 02, 2006

2/3 2006

Yeah, another post today. I'm just bored! Done work and that, could sew.. or tidy my room? Just don't know where to start! Have to be systematic about these things, but that's not my kettle of fish. It really isn't.

The room could do with a right makeover though.

Ok, here's the plan:

Make the bed
Throw out old receipts and other junk-stuff
Fold fabrics etc up nicely and find storage place for them
Wash up
Put clothes back in closet
Put lecture notes in ORDER! YES DAMN YOU - IN ORDER!!


Vacuum? If I can be arsed.

And the next question, what do I get my Dad for his birthday? Socks? Daddy Daddy, what do you waaant? Hmm?

Not going out tonight, headache still hasn't gone away. Or, it did. Then it came back. Evil! Pure evil, I tell you.

I really need some more interesting topics to write about!

Ooh, the 203 seminar today was pretty good, Dave's well clever and it's good that we're in the same group cos we always understand different things so can ask each other for help on MSN and that. Haha. The lass is a bit.. Yeah. She says it herself, she doesn't do much. But I think she kind of tries once she's there? Maybe she's just a good actress! Heh.
Anyway, in the seminar we were playing around with WaveSurfer a bit, and the tutor Kev is well rare! Came up and just stood behind me ALL the time, gave me a bit of a fright a few times... Bit unsettling trying to work when someone is watching everything you do. He did say we were right about a lot of stuff and gave a lot of generally helpful pointers. I thought I was clever as well when I figured stuff out. So hah! I now officially like 203 again! And my trapezium was just as trapezium-like as it should be; Kev didn't even comment on my schwas! Lol, that sounds a bit.. dodgy.

Wasn't going to go down to Mike's this weekend as I thought I had campus tours on Saturday... Turns out I don't. They're next week. And I've got Tuesday off as lecturers all over the country go on strike. Sooo... could technically go down tonight and stay till Weds morning! But I won't, because I have Plans. Yes, I have a social life! Believe it or not. Tomorrow night I'm meeting Sarah (FINALLY! We've not had a chance to spend time together in AGES! I miss her!!!) for dinner, then we're going to see Kiwis Ned play at feedback at the Farmer's Arms - should be good! Then there's apparently a party at Mike's (not my Mike, Kiwis Mike. I'll have to call him that from now on I think, to avoid confusion. Damn common names! Hehe. Lovely really) and I'll have to see how I feel. Will def make an appearance though!

On Saturday day I'm possibly/probably doing something with Dan - not properly seen him in a while either! Boo. And then going down to Mike's in the evening, staying till Tues night or Weds morning - Gill claims the whole point of the LU cinema showing Narnia next week is so she can drag me to see it, so apprently I have to be back Tues night? Hehe. We'll see...

Interesting link of the day - I'm not making it up! HAH!
Text injuries.

Well, I'm off. Maybe I'll even do one or two of the things on the list above? Or maybe I won't.

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