Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wow, HOT!

...But there's always something to complain about, isn't there?

We finally have t'internet, after a lot of fannying about trying to get some 'broadband marker' removed from some database - AOL said BT should do it, BT said AOL should. In the end, AOL did, just in case you were wondering about the ending of that fascinating story. Only have dial-up at the minute, but it's better than nothing - It's free for a month, until we get our router through and can use broadband.


Rob was down at the weekend, which was fun - finally someone can say they know Mike's a real person. Hehe. Stef, Katy and Kev, and Mark also came over on Sunday, to BBQ cheap dirty meat. Was fun, and we still have 10 pounds of chicken and a tray of ribs in the freezer, as well as 8 or so cans of beer in the fridge. Success!

So.. I'm 21 now. Old? Ahem. Don't feel different to be honest with you, but then again you never do. It never is a big deal, becoming a year older.

Am currently working in a bar/club in town, mainly doing flyers. Haha. Such a stimulating, challenging job! It's alright actually (well, only done one shift so far, and I quite enjoyed that), and I get to flirt with.. I mean, talk to loads of people all night. :D Am also still searching for jobs, going for interviews, trying to find something that maybe pays a bit better, and doesn't have me working the few rare nights Mickey actually has off work. But y'kno.. a job is a job is a job. Cross your fingers for me on Tuesday please, have an interview for H&M. Perfect, n'est-ce pas?

Would like to take this opportunity to make a congratulatory shout-out - My darling little sister got on to the media production course she wanted, and has accepted her place! Woo! She will kill me for saying she's little, as well as for writing that on here. I don't care, I'm proud. Poor parents will be all on their lonesome come September... I'm sure they're secretly looking forward to it!

Hm, I never know whether to shower before I eat and get my stuff together for work, or whether I should shower last thing I do before leaving the house. Tricky tricky.

Right, that was a wee update from Julia-in-Manchester... Will be in Suedois towards the end of August, will keep you updated with dates and whatnot.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wow. Been a while. I am constantly neglecting the dear blog... Well, at least this time I have a valid reason - I have no internet. And I've been on holiday.
Turkey was wonderful. Amazingly hot (but then we came home to find England very nearly just as hot. Ah well!), the only three downpoints of the holiday were

1) the shopkeeper who got angry when we wouldn't pay a ridiculous amount for some jeans, he chucked them at us and wouldn't let us leave the shop. Needless to say I was shaky after that! Haha.

2) the piece of glass in my muesli, and the fact that the waiters didn't speak enough English to understand what I was saying ("you want cereal in glass? you can put it in a glass if you want to.." while looking at me like I was a crazy lady)

3) the spider that jumped. Bleh.

Other than that, it was all fun and games!

Moved into the house in Manchester a week ago, it's all good and nice... and massive! lol.

Aaaand now I've been sat here too long, it's boiling outside and in this little 'internet cafe' I'm in, I swear it's about 75 degrees celcius. It's the upstairs of a little computer shop in Levenshulme, very lame. Hehe.

Anyways! I'm off, take care everyone...