Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blodgivning. Elleeeeer?

Idag gick jag för att ta prover så att jag ska få ge blod. Det är liksom dags nu. Jag fyller alla kriterier och får göra det och har ingen anledning att inte göra det (förutom den jädra latheten...).

Så jag gick dit.

Efter att ha gått vilse lite.

Och sa mitt glada HEJ och frågade vad de behövde av mig för att jag skulle få ge blod. Mitt leg, sa den rara henniskan i kassan. Okej, sa jag och sträckte fram mitt körkort. Det här har ju inte de fyra sista siffrorna på, sa hen. Nej, sa jag. Okej, sa hen, då sa jag kolla upp om det är okej.

Och det borde det vara, kom hen fram till, pga EU/EES-körkort. Men efter en liten stund blev hen osäker igen och ringde en kollega för att kolla.

Och enligt vad jag kunde utröna sa kollegan ungefär...


Så. Alltså. Om jag hade varit engelsk medborgare med engelskt körkort hade det varit en okej legitimation att använda.
Eftersom jag är svensk medborgare måste jag ha svenskt leg.



Det är alltså svårare för mig pga är svensk medborgare?

Får gå tillbaka med passet helt enkelt. För mitt blod ska de banne mig ta!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tattoo thoughts.

I've been thinking a lot about tattoos lately. Have always known I'll get at least one more (and let's face it, it's been nearly 9 years - how'd that happen?) and a few ideas have started taking shape. Not sure where, left wrist keeps coming to mind but I don't know that I want one there. What I want is a poem and one (or a few? Can't decide) IPA transcriptions (i.e. phonetic) of it. The poem is one of Saroyan's short ones:


Monday, October 22, 2012


This weekend was excellent. Karin was here:

We had some dinner and drinks on the Friday. Saturday was spent mostly walking, second hand shopping and looking at churches. I was surprised at how well I remembered some of the texts and trosbekännelsen. Some things you never lose, I guess?

In the evening we had dinner at Ylva's, which was excellent. And then onto more drinking, some dancing and other fun:

I also wore a Turtles cap for a small portion of the evening. Definite highlight:

Then we did some other stuff, like this:

By the time we got the tram it was morning again so I didn't have to pay the night fare. Then Karin left and all of Gothenburg mourned.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Promises promises.

Yeah, I know. Awful.

But I'm here! It's raining outside (for a change), it's October and my head is so full of words. I'm almost worried about what might happen if I can't find a way to let them out soon...

Work is busy, I'm doing 3 modules at once so not much time to work on my actual thesis, so that's a bit frustrating but it's all stuff that needs doing and for two of them the main assignment is sections that will go into the thesis so all good.

I'm meant to do my pilot study this term but I have no idea where that will fit in. Will find a way I'm sure!

Now - off to clean a little bit, then bed - and tomorrow Karin is coming! I can't wait.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving to Sweden (part 1)

Wow. Ok. I don't even know where to start, have had so many new impressions and met so many interesting people over the past few weeks. So this post will just be about the move and settling in really...

I had my leaving do in York and it was excellent. Sad a few people couldn't make it but I got to see most of them anyway. As for the rest... they'll just have to come visit I guess. I will upload some photos in another post.

On the 30 August I left for Göteborg. Mike took me to the airport (thank god - those bags weren't light... and of course, I got to do the tear-filled, looking-back-from-the-security-queue goodbye you usually only see in films. Ha.) and I eventually landed in Gbg at 7pm. Now, I'm going to have to blame the bags, but I took a taxi. Bad idea, you'd think I'd have realised how much it was going to cost. Oh well - it got me here safely and quickly, and I didn't have to lug my bags on a bus, a tram, and up a massive hill. So worth it.

When I got to the flat, K (who I'm renting from) met me and we chatted a bit. Lovely woman. Look forward to seeing her again when she's back from Spain!

So... the flat. I've not finished making curtains etc. yet (I know, I know... just been so busy...) so you will get pics another day. Promise! But the flat is good, 1 small bedroom and a big living room. Good kitchen (red!!) and fairly big bathroom with washing machine. Oh, and a balcony! And since I'm on the 4th floor on top of a hill the view is pretty great.

The only problem is I'm going to have to get rid of even MORE clothes before Mike moves over, otherwise he won't fit... Boo.

So on the Friday my boxes arrived (good old Fedex! Worked like a charm! More on that another time.) and I unpacked... Phew. Good job the flat has built in wardrobes and 4 bookshelves, is all I can say...

And on the Saturday my wonderful family came down from Stockholm, bringing with them even more stuff... They were upset on the Thursday night that I'd only brought 3 books in my suitcase (there were a few more in the boxes) so they brought a few bags full from theirs. Thanks... (It's probably pertinent to note at this point that I got rid of probably 50+ books in York before I moved and there's at least another 100 there yet to be moved too...)

On Saturday we also went to Ikea. Solid 6 hours (I'm still exhausted!) and I got a bed, desk, shoe shelf and other necessities... Fabrics for curtains, pans, stuff like that.

So, here I am, 2 weeks in, sat on my (well, borrowed!) red sofa listen to Rose tint my world and the washing machine, considering what to have for dinner...

More about my first two weeks and the practicalities of the move to come...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So today is my last day in the UK. Hooray (mostly)!

My boxes have just been picked up by Fedex, fingers crossed they'll arrive in 1 piece (well, 14 pieces...) on Friday. I'm sure it'll be fine, and that the fact that Fedex were a 5th of the price of DHL isn't in fact a prophecy of what's to come.

Today I'm mostly sorting through paperwork, doing bits of housework, and packing my bags. And seeing a friend, hopefully.

Should also get some money exchanged but the rates are terrible... but more on this thrilling subject another time. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So, just over a week until I move to Göteborg. Life is busy as you can imagine.

Flat is sorted, all I need to do is finish packing & organise the move, contact banks etc to let them know change of address, and say goodbye to people... to Mike (if only for a few months!).

I'll most likely be more active when I start getting busy. Ha.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Good news.

I've been accepted onto a phd. In Gothenburg, Sweden. Moving in less than 3 months.


Monday, May 21, 2012

It is sunny

and I wrote something today. I love words. Almost all of them..