Friday, March 24, 2006

aaaand.. We're done with the photos!

Had a wicked night at the Sugarhouse, as always. Some people (read:person) I'd rather not have seen but thankfully, Emma saved me. Lol. What is it with the assholes creeping out from under their rocks on a Thursday night?

Also, why is it so hard to pack? Wish I could hire someone to do it for me. So boring! Especially when you have to tidy as well. I usually try to do both things at once, and fail both miserably. Ah well, it's not like anyone will see my room until I come back here anyway, and as long as I bring my passport and plane ticket I don't really need anything else. Oh, maybe laptop, but that's kinda hard to miss.

Had the last 203 seminar today/yesterday. Was pretty good, revised diacritics stuff and some transcription. Kev gave me compliments for what I'd written which was ace, felt well clever and like the exam will go.. swimmingly. Much like Kyle's period.

Was good to see Joanna - sorry I wasn't great company!! But to be honest, you didn't REALLY come just to see me;) Promise I'll spend more time with you when I get hooome! On SATURDAY! Really can't wait. Ten days is just about enough though, a break from uni and everything. Will be both good and bad to come back to England after it. Good cos - well, it's England. And Mike. And bad cos I won't be with le family.

I will stop writing now. If I get time tomorrow I'll do another post, otherwise you'll have to wait until like.. Saturday to read another post.




Joanna said...

No. Because Manchester is such a fascinating city. Like Ella said: "Why is the airport so big? They have no tourists!"

Dan said...

Because we are the tourists going out!

abz said...

hi sweety like ur pics ..they kinda cute.. do lemme know wen u update ur blog.. n plz do visit me