Friday, February 17, 2006


I really don't have time to be sat here writing this. I should shower, straighten up the old room, and get on a train to lovely Manch. But, I think my room will have to stay the way it is for the time being. Don't worry, it's not really messy. Honest!

I feel i owe my Dad an apology - I did get a Valentine's card. Electronic. Cheapskate;) hahaha. Only messing. Thanks:D

Last night was good! Emma dyed my hair, hat off to her! Took about three hours in total, but it's now black, purple and pink/red. Loving it! The pink didn't turn out as striking as I was hoping but it looks cool, nearly natural actually. We then went to the Shagga, where we met Sarah etc. Was dead good, as always! She's such a sweetheart! Don't know if she reads this.. hehehe. Once again I concluded I've never seen Jack sober. Weird, have known him long enough and count him as a mate!

Asked Dan's dad about my tooth, the pain and that.. and he said that it could hurt a bit for a corresponding amount of time as the cyst was growing. W00t! That was like three years... But that as long as it's not extremely unpleasant, and as long as ibuprofens help, there's nothing to worry about. Not that bad really, used to the pain as I've had one in that tooth for like 5 years in total. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to explode or something silly like that.

Right, I have to set off in an hour so had better bring this to an end.
Have a good week everyone - I'm not going to be online a lot. I know you'll miss me.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Att säga att man lyssnar på Kent är som att säga att man äter potatis, det säger ingenting om ens personlighet mer än att man tycker om dålig musik."

If you don't understand this, Kent is a band and the quote reads "Saying you listen to Kent is like saying you eat potatoes, it sayd nothing about your personality other than that you like bad music." Pretty spot on.

And the question of the day: If Greg Myers has the second loudest voice in the department, who has the loudest? I'm going to guess Kevin Watson, because (and I quote) he's nice like that. Someone guessed Willem Hollman, but I'm not so sure.

On a very different note, last night was amazing. Verdes is nice. Tried to overcharge us (ah yeh, it's Valentine's Day so the lads will be trying to impress their bitches, let's see if they'll kick off about this) but that's ok because we're just dead clever and figured it out. Then we went to Spoons for a few drinks and a chat with Sean who was just finishing work, and on to Toast.. which was a bit crap, but ah well. We came back on the last bus. All in all, was an amazing night, and I know you want to comment on this, Mickey, so please do;) haha.

Today I've been doing campus tours again, it's pretty good. I'm pretty good. And it keeps my room tidy cos I have to show it. Parents are ace because they ask questions and that makes it all flow a lot easier. Lindsey and I had to take a group of students as well (about 25 of them!! My room has never been that full. Gah!) and that was dead scary because they're too cool for school (ha ha) and don't dare ask stuff. I'm sure they've ordered their parents to ask the questions and then report back. I'd like to think I wouldn't be like that!

Next week is reading week, which will be ace. I'm (surprise, surprise!) going down to Manch for most of it, and will go round town handing out my CV. Not sure if I should do two seperate ones, for weekend jobs and for the Summer? Or maybe just put in a little cover letter that I'm available Friday to Monday every week until June, and from then on full time until the end of September. Or something like that.

Oh and - I'm disappointed! Didn't get one single card yesterday (Mike doesn't count cos I spent the day with him) but YOU! PARENTS! I move away and suddenly I'm not important anymore? Weak, dudes. (all in jest...;))

I've been putting off doing work long enough today, got a 203 presentation to prepare. Well, I only really need to write my transcription on a large paper... or on computer? Getting the 203 essay back tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. But at the same time I am, I like getting these things over and done with.

When Emma gets back from boxercise, we're going down George Fox for a Chinese, and to rent a chick flick. Yey!

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


That was a good sleep. And a good weekend. Have been down in Manch for a few days (where else?). And I know what you're thinking - "who was minding the internet?" Don't worry, I left it in your very capable hands;)

Went down to Mike on Thursday, did some work while he was at work - transcription is so much fun. lol. Friday, slept loads, did some reading, some uni work again. Went out in the evening, just to Footage but it was pretty good. Not a massive fan of that bar but I survived. Saturday - Sunday = Dead lazy days. Ace.

On Monday I went to Stef's party (Happy Birthday to you!), which was pretty good. Always a bit odd when you don't really know anyone, but I survived. Was a very popular lady, have not had so many pick-up attempts in one night in a very long time - and this was with my face and arms covered in fake blood. Haha. Yes, there's a reason for that, the party was a zombie fancy dress one. So not completely random. What I really don't get though, is how "I've been with my boyfriend for a year now" can be interpreted as "I really want you, take me here and now." What's with some people?? Maybe it's my accent, maybe I mumble or stutter so they can't understand me? Didn't want to be too rude and tell them to jog on cos these guys are obviously friends of Stef's, but in the end I kinda had to be. Ah well, overall it was a dead good night out, so I shouldn't complain.

Oooh, guess what today is? That's right, Valentine's Day. But that's not what I'm after. Mike's and mine first year anniversary, got a table at Verdes, and then we're probably off out. Toast is classic 90's, I've been told, and Revs is meant to be good. I'm not a massive fan but y'kno. Been nearly a year and a half since I've been so might give it another chance. Saw a poster saying Hustle is having a Valentine's night's special.. which might be alright? Just going to see what happens really. AAH, I'm all happy and bouncing around, it's all amazing and wonderful:D lalala.

And yes, Mike, I am very sad. And pathetic. And a right loser! BUT! You're the one reading this. So what does that make you? ;)


Thursday, February 09, 2006

We've had quite a few problems in our halls this year, especially after Christmas. Mice in the kitchen. Freezer breaking down, and not getting a replacement one although it was reported a number of times. In the end, Chris borrowed one from another kitchen, which they weren't using because it was so dirty. So he cleaned it! The kitchen sink not draining at all, and as result us not being able to wash up or use the kitchen. Again, we complained a few times, but Chris ended up cleaning it out. He's such a star! When we came back after Christmas, both the male's and female's bathrooms were out of order because of leakage down onto the first floor. Without warning there were suddenly tons of workers happily trotting around our corridors, and we had to share 2 toilets with like 40 people.

and so on...

So now the people in charge of residences on campus have decided to give us compensation. To the astonishing sum of.. that's right, £15! haha. Ace!

I have a presentation in 50 minutes or so, I don't want to do it. I don't know why we hve to do presentations every single week! Well, it makes more sense with the topics we're doing this term, but last term it was all rubbish. At least now it's a little bit interesting. Just hoping the other lass has done her part of the work. Somehow I doubt it...

Got an essay back the other day, I'm not happy with the result. Blah. Rubbish course - Language Identities: Gender, Ethnicity and Class. Like we'd say in Sweden: FLUMKURS! :)

Going down to Manchester tonight, there are less distractions at Mike's. No seriously, when he's at work, and there's no internet... there are really only three things I can do. Sleep, eat or study. And you get full after a while, and sleeping can get boring. So fingers crossed!

On Monday, it's Stef's birthday bash in Bury (alliteration, anyone?). That'll be aaace! I'm sure I wrote about it before. Ah well. He showed me the playlist for it, some good music on there... as well as Madonna? :S Hmm. Maybe I've got him all wrong? lol.

Yeeeaah.. I'm going to go for a shower, and then possibly eat something?

Over and out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My tooth is hurting tonight. Maybe I should neck a couple of ibuprofens, go to bed?

Plan for tomorrow:
Do some creative writing work, finish 203 work for presentation. Go to crew seminar. Meet up with Dave + rest of group to polish off the presentation. Replace my railcard. Get all the 207 lecture notes printed off. Sleep.
Or something like that.

Joanna got her work done - yay! All thanks to me, obv-i-ous-ly. Mother commenting on my blog :) Been hearing dad's doing better :)

If it wasn't for the tooth, I'd be rather content right now. Only a week and a half till reading week, which will obviously be spent at Mike's. WIth my lecture notes and a highlighter pen. Been invited to a party in Bury on Monday, Stefan's 20th. Will be ace!
And Tuesday... Tuesday is Valentine's day. And, more importantly, Mike and mine first year anniversary. :)

..I just can't seem to stop smiling for some reason.
Ace morning! Woke up at nine, rang Mike. Then dossed in bed as long as I could, before going to my LING207 seminar - which was actually interesting (for those of you who are interested, we talked about bilingualism, code-switching and diglossia)! Came back here to find the phone without battery had vibrated down onto the floor, the alarm must have gone off despite its unchargedness. My poor neighbour Chris, he was complaining that I was slamming doors (for the record, I don't slam doors. I close them gracefully) the other morning and today my alarm went off three times. Although, it did go off at about 11, and I don't think he was working last night so should be all good. I shouldn't get a scolding for it;)

Some people in my corridor are trying to negotiate a rent reduction with the college, because of the mouse/shower problems we've had. I really can't be arsed with that stuff, but if they manage to get some money out of it then I'll be a happy bunny.

Was working on the WaveSurfer things last night - analysis of sounds. Wow, it's not exactly easy. I mean, it is. But it's not. Quite fun though... and yes, I'm sad.

Actually made myself a cup of strawberry/mango tea earlier... but then I forgot to drink it. Now its nearly cold - just the way I like it. I'm just perfect! And no, the combination strawberry/mango isn't that nice. Have to admit I stole the teabag off Emma (sorry!!), just couldn't resist...

On a forum the other day, people were complaining about text speak and lack of punctuation. Ok, I'm not the biggest fan of it. It's hard to read, so most of the time I just don't bother with it... But the way they were going on about it it sounded like it was the worst crime since the crucifiction of mr. Jesus. So here's my reply...


lack of punctuation is a symptom of text speak. like it or not, a language will evolve. what with the internet, mobile phones, and people always being in a hurry, the trend of the english language is to move towards text speak. at least in these situations. and before it stabilises, before people learn to differentiate between the situations where this is acceptable and when its not, there will be confusion and this kind of language will 'leak' into other situations, such as exams and other written texts.

gonna quote linguist david crystal - "A further dimension to the linguistic variety promoted by the new technologies relates to the content they carry. As with traditional written expression, the medium will influence the general character of the language to be used – whether it is information, education, entertainment, […], or any other domain. Within these broad categories, subject-related domains (science, religion, law, etc.) will doubtless evolve computer-mediated varieties along similar lines to those which emerged in traditional speech and writing. "

a study on this subject was carried out this year, and the results show that teenagers' literacy is better now than it has been for the last 15 years...

anyway. *pushes glasses further up on nose* im a linguistic student, can you tell?"

I'm just a geek. But a happy geek!

music - Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
location - Lancaster, tidy bedroom
missing - Mike

A first post. A new blog. Rest assured, I will most likely keep writing. Abandon the good old LiveJournal and MSN spaces for this lovely thing. I really just like the idea of having my username in the url. I'm simple like that!

At the moment I'm exhausted, so will call this a night.

In case you didn't get it, the title is an allusion to Dostoyevsky's famous novel.

over and out.