Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There was a fire drill here at work this morning. No fire engines showed up though - shame. Because it wasn't very exciting, walking down 3 flights of stairs, stand outside for 2 minutes and then walk back up again. Mind you, the walking probably did me some good.

I've never learnt as much in a job in such a short space of time as I have here. And if I were to subtract the times I've had virtually nothing to do (not counting now - this is my lunch after all) it's an even more impressive account of working for the council. Yep that's right - I'm enjoying working for the council, and learning lots in the process.

Spoke to Annika, who we used to call 'little Annika' not to confuse her with my mother (who would, by that thinking, have been 'big Annika'?? I don't think she would appreciate this...) on the phone last night. Though she's not little any more, in fact she's always been older than me, my whole life. So I'm just gonna call her Annika. Anyway, she's in the UK now on an ERASMUS year and she rang me. It was nice catching up - and just goes to show the greatness of the UK... or what trendsetters Emma and I really were... Lots of people are now moving to the UK. For a year, 9 months, forever... Nice!

I've been told I need to change the background on this blog. Sigh. Apparently those ECTS points in 'usability' (or whatever the current buzzword is in web circles) didn't help me. But you see, when I post to this blog I don't see the background. I type black on white.

Ohh - how poetic - I might have to write something about that... But it will have been done. It's all been done before. ('The Simpsons did it, anyone?)

I've been making a lot of jewellery lately. Finding my feet really. But it bugs me that my ears aren't pierced cos it's easier to make nice earrings. Although it's annoying having to make two exactly the same. Symmetry was never my strong point. Anyway, I'll post some photos at some point.

I think I also promised aaaaall my lovely readers (all two of you?) photos of the flat? Well, they're coming. Soon. I promise.

There's this band playing at a pub ooop nooorth on Friday, with the guitarist from Thin Lizzy. It sounds awesome. Will see if Mike fancies driving after work. I should really learn to drive. I've been promised our car for when I get my licence (obviously provided we can afford a new one by - maybe I shold get it sprayed purple? I like purple cars.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

There are times when you feel completely alone. There is no one you can open up to, no one to share your worries, problems or feelings with. People don't want to hear it, they have no time for you... you have no one. See, the thing is.. there are people you can talk to. It's not hard to find someone who will listen - you can even pay people to do so. But the difficult part is finding someone who till respond the way you want them to, who will react according to your desires.

And this is when you find you are truly alone. Because you're never so alone as when you realise that the reason you're alone, is because you're so unwilling to accept the criticism of others.


Nice little paradox for you there. I should start bringing a notebook on the bus...


Friday, September 12, 2008

Well well. I've just worked 2 days with HR at the council. It's pretty interesting, though I've been doing mostly spreadsheets... I'm sure it'll pick up though, everyone's really nice!

Got my results for the Witness Psychology today - C. How lame! 73% is apparently a C in the Bologna system. Bit of a change from British unis where anything above 70% is a first... Oh well, at least it's better than an E, and the course directors claims it's the equivalent of a VG in the 'old' Swedish system. Sooo I guess I shouldn't complain! Lol.

Got a couple of registrations with some temping agencies next week, hopefully I should never have to struggle for temp work this year. My manager at the moment strongly implied that if they had the funds they would hire me one day a week, which is a good sign!

I've done some sewing, made a very pretty skirt that I should sell... Will see! It's one of those that I *know* I'll never wear, but I love the fabric so much I wanna keep it... Maybe I'll set up that etsy shop after all.