Friday, December 08, 2006

Nick is a star!

I've now got a group of five people - could do with more but five is ace! Can mix in some unknowns, make it interesting. Haha. SO happy and relieve though, this means I can at least get half of my data collection donw before and during Christmas. Again, say it with me... he is a star!

And my stylistics essay is nearly done. And that pretty much concludes this term for me! Have one seminar, one lecture and two tutorials left - then I'm off home to sunny Sweden (it's like 10 degrees at moment and chances of snow for Christmas are slim - I blame global warming. Gosh darn global warming! I know I know, I don't really like snow. But at Christmas? Over Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day even I like it... Anyway, tangent! Sorry) for two weeks. I get to bake and open presents.. oh and, see my family. Haha. Going up to Joanna's for a night, get to meet her friends etc! Will be ace. So long as I don't embarrass her or something. Haha, no cance of that, I'm such a wicked person.


They wouldn't let me buy vodka in Tesco's today. What, do I suddenly look 17 again? It pissed me off to be honest... but I suppose they have to ask and all that.

Hm. I think my life has reached that point where it is so boring I can't even pretend it's fun. I have absolutely nothing to say. Oh, I did get paid in the end. Score!

Yeah I'm off now. Suggestions for what should go in my blog are welcome and dearly appreciated. And come on.. I know other people than my little sister reads this... Where are my comments? Eh? Eh?


Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am, yet again, slightly disillusioned with the Uni and it's ways. Still not been paid for the airport job - had to run my little legs off last week to get it sorted (AGAIN! This job was in SEPTEMBER and I did all the forms/time sheets back then) so now I'm finally getting it on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

As for my Monday job, my time sheet and my details were for some reason not given to personnel on time, so I couldn't get paid last week - again, I had to chase people and finally get promised to be paid on Thursday this week. Again, cross your fingers, good folks.

I don't see how these things always happen to me? Are they deliberately trying to screw me over? If so, why - cos they dislike me? Or are all the people who handle forms, taxes, time sheets etc incompetent? You have to consider that this isn't the mix-up of one department at the uni (personnel) but of two other ones. This time. Last time it was someone completely different. Ah I don't know. Tempted to quit you know. It's not a hard or demanding job, but they do take the piss a bit. And I'm not sure it's really worth the money. Will see what happens.

I'm ill again. Completely flippin' drained and just feel like I've got a bad bad flu. As every other Autumn/Winter of my life, I don't have time to get over one ailment before the other comes along. I know I know, it's the same for everyone. But this is my blog, so let me whinge.

Christmas soon. I can't tell you what I'm planning on giving people cos they all read this. Haha, I'm only giving stuff to mum, dad and Joanna. Cheap? Student!

Bored now. Any Christmas pressie suggestions very very welcome, answers on a postcard!