Monday, October 22, 2012


This weekend was excellent. Karin was here:

We had some dinner and drinks on the Friday. Saturday was spent mostly walking, second hand shopping and looking at churches. I was surprised at how well I remembered some of the texts and trosbekännelsen. Some things you never lose, I guess?

In the evening we had dinner at Ylva's, which was excellent. And then onto more drinking, some dancing and other fun:

I also wore a Turtles cap for a small portion of the evening. Definite highlight:

Then we did some other stuff, like this:

By the time we got the tram it was morning again so I didn't have to pay the night fare. Then Karin left and all of Gothenburg mourned.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Promises promises.

Yeah, I know. Awful.

But I'm here! It's raining outside (for a change), it's October and my head is so full of words. I'm almost worried about what might happen if I can't find a way to let them out soon...

Work is busy, I'm doing 3 modules at once so not much time to work on my actual thesis, so that's a bit frustrating but it's all stuff that needs doing and for two of them the main assignment is sections that will go into the thesis so all good.

I'm meant to do my pilot study this term but I have no idea where that will fit in. Will find a way I'm sure!

Now - off to clean a little bit, then bed - and tomorrow Karin is coming! I can't wait.