Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So... writing isn't easy. I'd like to think I'm being challenged, but the truth is I'm just plain lazy. If it doesn't work straight away, I want to give up. But giving up now would just be silly, got a fair few months left of this. Haha.

Family coming this weekend! Can't wait:) And no, I'm not just saying that cos they're reading this. I am actually looking forward to having to clean my house top to bottom, having to beg my friends to behave, if only for a couple of days, and forcing Mickey to have a shave and make smalltalk... Haha, only joking, I love cleaning really.

Am currently sat in a computer lab on campus trying to decide whether I can be bothered staying til three to go to a SCAN meeting. The question is, do I WANT to write for the uni newspaper? Honest to God, I do not know. Joanna says I do, so maybe. Will see!


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Joanna said...

yeah, you're great at clearing up. really. that was sarcasm. mike behaved, though. a keeper ;) god, i should never use smileys again. that was just pathetic. puss puss