Friday, February 17, 2006


I really don't have time to be sat here writing this. I should shower, straighten up the old room, and get on a train to lovely Manch. But, I think my room will have to stay the way it is for the time being. Don't worry, it's not really messy. Honest!

I feel i owe my Dad an apology - I did get a Valentine's card. Electronic. Cheapskate;) hahaha. Only messing. Thanks:D

Last night was good! Emma dyed my hair, hat off to her! Took about three hours in total, but it's now black, purple and pink/red. Loving it! The pink didn't turn out as striking as I was hoping but it looks cool, nearly natural actually. We then went to the Shagga, where we met Sarah etc. Was dead good, as always! She's such a sweetheart! Don't know if she reads this.. hehehe. Once again I concluded I've never seen Jack sober. Weird, have known him long enough and count him as a mate!

Asked Dan's dad about my tooth, the pain and that.. and he said that it could hurt a bit for a corresponding amount of time as the cyst was growing. W00t! That was like three years... But that as long as it's not extremely unpleasant, and as long as ibuprofens help, there's nothing to worry about. Not that bad really, used to the pain as I've had one in that tooth for like 5 years in total. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to explode or something silly like that.

Right, I have to set off in an hour so had better bring this to an end.
Have a good week everyone - I'm not going to be online a lot. I know you'll miss me.


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