Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's getting to that time of night again. You know, when you're starting to feel it's too late to go to bed, and you're quite tired but at the same time you're not.

Uni has charged me for stuff they claim is wrong with my room - I don't agree with it all but there's no way I can complain really, won't ever get it back. It's only 15 quid anyway. Ha, there's the danger. How long do I have to work to get 15 quid? Three hours. Yes, I get minimum wage. And what could I do with 15 pound? Buy lots of food. Buy good books, keep me entertained for a few hours. Buy part of the bus pass I need to get to and from uni. Buy hats! Lol.

People have been telling me they read my blog... Well, why don't you comment? Am feeling very unappreciated here - no one reads, no one cares... No one appreciates all the time and effort I put into this glorious blog. I am, of course, joking. But comments, reactions (at least to my more serious posts) are appreciated!

Have been doing quite a bit of work on my dissertation lately. No silly amounts, but still. You know, the one on Family Guy? I think I could get it to be quite good actually... not to be bigheaded or anything;)

Am going to Lancaster next week, move some stuff in and meet with my dissertation tutor. Oh, and a night out for Dave's birthday type thing. Will be good to see the house where I'll be spending most of my time this year! I tell a lie, of course. I mean, my intentions for this year are good, but am I really going to keep them? They're only intentions, after all. I'd write them on here, but I'm afraid some of you lovely people will show me up when (sorry, if) I don't stick to them... Hehe.

So, should I bring my sewing machine to Lancs next week? That way I can't be tempted to use it for the next few weeks.. and can focus entirely on teh loveleh dissertation. But then there's charity shops that sell books, there's the internet where films can be downloaded and people can be chatted with, and there's a bed to sleep in... Where there's a will to be distracted, there's a way. So maybe I should keep it, at least that way some of my distraction time will be spent doing something vaguely useful.

Speaking of usefulness of distraction methods (or something?), I just read the Da Vinci Code. And liked it! Surprisingly enough... Have to read it for crewri anyway. Well, in the lent term. Lol. But it's good to be prepared! Next, the Magus or Catch 22.

Right, that time of the night is over... time to lean back with a cig and listen to the Doors. Joke!! I'm just well funny, aren't I? Sleepy..


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