Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Joanna has moved to Falun. W00t?! lol. Her flat is well nice, she will be sharing with a girl called Marie, whom she has yet to meet. Anywho, I'm sure she'll love it - living on own, going to uni, make a new set of friends... etc. Not that there's anything wrong with her old ones, I just mean .. a girl can't have too many friends! Hahaha.

Nah, it's a nice town, the uni looks all new and full of resources - they have access to labs 24/7!! And so on.

Weird though, my ickle sister is old enough to move out... Eek.

Back in Manchester now, it's.. grey. But feels good to be back!

Will write more later...


1 comment:

dan said...

Good luck Joanna!

Julia.. you geek! Even I wouldn't mention my sisters uni having 24 hour access to labs. And surely, that is saying something!