Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mike's birthday was Saturday, was a great night out!! Mark came out, as did Rob, and Sarah... So happy they did, they're all ace! Hehe. Ended up staying in Lloyds for ags, not the best bar ever but it did me. Then we, for some inexplicable reason, went to a karaoke bar. I think we stayed there about 20 minutes before we buggered off. Interesting night after that, I love trying to convince two drunk lads they wanna walk home;) Heh, wasn't that bad really!

Sarah moved to Spain today... going to miss her so much! But I suppose it's an excuse to visit Madrid. Made her a card, hope she liked it...

Going up to Lancs tomorrow for a meeting with my dissertation tutor. I'm positively petrified! But I'm sure it will be fine... Just need to know what to say. And it's too late tonight to figure it out, maybe on the train tomorrow? Hehe.

Tried to get the storage company to deliver our things tomorrow, think I managed to pissed them off good and proper. It was good fun. In the end they said they needed at least a week's notice - "First we have to find the container, then we have to find the boxes..." What, do they not keep records of where they store things? Such tools - so I can't get my things tomorrow. There goes sorting my room out! Ah well, not like I'm in a hurry anyway.

I'm so hungry, and mouth is well dry. Bought some rubicon earlier, it's just heavenly. But so addictive. And not that cheap.. Ah well.

I'm off, take care lovelies.


Therese said...

I read, I like, I'll try to comment more. ( :

joanna said...

Uuuulia! Say grattis to Mike from me, and give him something and claim it's from me... or something. Wow, you're moving into a house. That's very mature, as opposed to that tiny room you had before. Now you'll see what it's like to be an adult, like me. Elections are over, and now you have a reason not to live in this scary country where people are crazy and hate democracy. Sorry if English bad, have forgotten language.