Friday, May 26, 2006

I went to the cinema last night. Saw "Va, vis et deviens" ("Go, see and become") which is a French film (doh!) about a boy whose mother convinces the Israeli military that her son is a Jewish orphan, so he can go with Jews from Ethiopia to Israel. It was amazing. Anyway, that wasn't what I was meaning to talk about. Behind us, there was a lady whose phone rang. And she picked up, started having a conversation! So funny. People were shouting at her. If I were her I'd be so embarrassed I'd leave.. but she didn't.

And next to me, some lad and his granddad were sat. Before the film, during the ads, they were having in-depth conversations about the corruption of society, that all that matters is money and sex. And then the lad went off on a tangent about how everyone wants sex.. and I'm just talking about that because I doubt I'd talk to my granddad like that, I was impressed. Very cool, gramps!

Dinner time, back in a bit.

Our dinner conversations are so riveting. I was told that ear hair is a feature of the Y-chromosome, so women can't get it. Ace!

Bought a bikini today, it's the same pattern as my lovely sunset shorts. I love it. Also got bits and bobs and lace to go on my dress. Will post this lovely creation as soon as it's been.. created. :)

In H&M today, I was eavesdropping to the couple behind me. I blame the volume of their voices and the hilarity of their conversation; I had no choice but to listen. Although my sister, standing a mere 2 feet away from me, claims she heard nothing. Hum. Anyway, the conversation went a little something like this:


(Enter: Lady (L) and Boy (B). Imagine Lady's voice as whiney, annoying and generally... annoying. Boy's voice is annoying, meak and he sounds.. nice. Too nice.)

L: I'm so annoyed.
B: Why? What's up Sweetheart?
L: *grunt and sigh* I'm just so annoyed. I don't want to queue any more. This is just so frustrating.
B: I'm sorry Sweetie, we'll go sit down and have a fruit or som-
L: Will you just shut up? You're so annoying.
B: But, Sweetie... What have I done? Did I say something wrong?
L: Just be quiet. I need to eat something, I hate shopping. We should go for food.
B: But we're on a budget...
L: I don't care about the frigging budget. I don't care about the stupid cat! I don't want to get a cat anymore.
B: Don't say that...


L: And I look like a frigging cow in these clothes. I don't know why I'm buying them. I look fat.
B: No!! You look perfect, they were made for you! You're so pretty.
L: I need new socks. There are socks over there. *points*

(Boy walks over to socks)

L: Do you even know what size I am?
B: (hesitating) 39-41?
L: No!!! 37.
B: Oh, sorry... Here's a 36-38 then.
L: No! I said 37.
B: But 37 is between 36 and 38...
L: But I want 38-39, don't they have that?
B: No... no, it's either 36-38 or 39-41.
L: But what about 38-40? I can't wear any of the others...

(And on it goes... poor Boy.)


It's a good thing I'm not a playwright, isn't it? :)

I'm off, bored now.

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dan said...

So, to sumarise you've had an exciting day listening to everyone elses conversations!

I got really annoyed at lancaster cinema last weekend when seeing the da vinci code. People making nosies and talking, and I was english about it, got gradually more annoyed and did nothing. I was getting so annoyed, focusing more on more on how rude they were and wondering if they'd stop, meanwhile the film was still going on without me, whilst I was getting irate about the rude people around.

Lesson of the day: dont be english about these thinsg.