Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swedish music

Months and months and months ago (probably about a year ago actually!), my friend Nathan made me a cd of Swedish music. I know, that sounds a bit backwards, surely it should be the other way around? Patience, my dear, it will all be explained in due course.

Oh - and Nathan, if you're reading this, please don't. Cos it'll ruin the surprise.

N used to give me lifts to and from uni every day the first few months of the MSc. Being the only two people who lived far away from campus (apart, obviously, from the Dutch guy who actually lived in the Hague) it made sense. And he'd always play this really cute, cheery music. Not something I'd choose to listen to normally maybe, but nice enough. And I'd ask who it was, and invariably the answer would be 'it's the Swedish band XYZ. Don't you know them?'

So, one day I got a cd with loads of them on! The cover was the titles written out in blue and yellow, shaped as the Swedish flag. Y'kno, in case I ever feel homesick ;)

Edit: I just realised I never explained the Swedish connection. There's a club in Newcastle that do/did a Swedish Popklubb every month (I think?). So it's not completely random!

Such a sweet thing to do!

So, I promised I'd return the favour. And me being, well... me. Lazy. I still haven't.

I made a playlist to burn onto a cd ages ago. But since then I've reinstalled Windows. And of course lost the playlist. And forgotten about it. Again. And again. And again. I'm so useless!

So today I finally remade the playlist. Well, some of it. There's some music saved on the server I want to add but it's not shared at the moment.

But the point is, Nathan shall get his cd. Soon.

In the mean time, here are some highlights. The best of Swedish music, some would say... (ignore the rubbish videos...)

Magnus Uggla - Första Gången

Ted Gärdestad - Jag vill ha en egen måne

Docent Död - Bakom mina solglasögon

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