Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Film review: An Education

I've not written a film review in a very long time - probably since school - but I wanted to give it a go.

This was a really good film. Went to see it with Joanna when she was visiting this weekend. I thought I knew how the film would turn out; it seemed predictable. But there were a few... well, not twists as such, but events and actions that I didn't expect. Which was great.

The story encapsulates humour, love, hate and hope as well as hopelessness. It's all so grey - but when Jenny meets the older man it's suddenly all in colour, all alive. She's a very strong character, Carey Mulligan. Alfred Molina gave a brilliant performance as the confused, worried and rather pathetic dad.

But my favourite part is the clothes. I wish I was a 60s girl - just have a look at these... (click on the images to see sources).

Definitely go see this film. I very much enjoyed it.

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Radio Waves said...

Oh, I've heard good things about this! I might see if it's still on, though at this point I've forgotten what it's about. :P