Thursday, December 03, 2009

Toe owwie.

A few months ago I wouldn't stop moaning about my sprained ankle. I got over that. And what did I do last night? That's right, I tripped on a cable and stubbed my toe. Big crunchy sound. It's now blue, twice the size and I can barely walk. Kept waking up from the pain, and have been feeling quite sick today. Should probably get it checked out... but I'm sure it's not broken so all they'll tell me is to just walk on it. Feel like I'd be wasting their time.

Oh I do like a good moan!


Kerry-Louise said...

wow, I hope you get it checked out and it is all ok.
Feel better :)x

Julia said...


Thanks hun :) xx

Radio Waves said...

Ouchie, hope it heals soon. :)

Julia said...

Thank you! It's less painful than I thought a broken toe would be though :)


Radio Waves said...

That's good. :) It's an awkward part of the body so instinct would suggest 'argh' pain, but glad it's not too bad!