Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cliques and chavs.

I looked out my window earlier and saw this beautiful golden retriver on the opposite sidewalk. Sorry, pavement. I forget.

The dog stopped, sat down and scratched itself vigorously for a long long time. It looked nice. I caught myself thinking that's what animals do. If there's an itch, they scratch it. Humans are much more discreet.

Then I thought, 'Hang on, that isn't true.'

You see young men with their hands permanently in their pants all over the place in this country. I once asked a mate why chavs do this, and he said it's probably to keep their balls warm. Nothing like a bit of body heat on a cold day. And with the added bonus of self-affection, I bet it feels a little bit less lonely?

It almost sounds like I'm comparing chavs to animals here. I'm really not. And I'm even going to avoid all the stereotypical jokes about that comparison not being fair on animals (oh look at that, I couldn't. But I wanted to preempt it so no comments do...).

I've nothing against any group of people. But some groups do seem to have a worse reputation than others. Does that mean some groups are actually worse? Nah.

I do wonder if a certain type of people are drawn to certain groups for a reason. No, I don't wonder, I'm sure of it. It's probably a well established fact. Not that I've ever read any such studies.

You get cliques everywhere. Online. In school. At work. On the bus (cool kids in the back anyone?). In any gathering of people really.

I don't know. I don't like it. It's a natural thing to an extent, of course you'll be drawn to the people you agree with/who hold similar values/share your sense of humour etc. But it becomes too big a thing too often. People worry too much about stuff.

I'm rambling. Back to the job hunt!


Radio Waves said...

I don't think I've ever noticed the scratching behaviour, but as a general rule I don't think chavs are fond of the cold...tends to drive them indoors so they don't hang around as much. Group dynamics are interesting.

DepressionFromNowhere said...

oh yeah there are def guys who have their hands in their pockets then "discreetly" rearrange themselves. yuk!

Not sure about there, but here that's just guys from heaps of diff groups, not just one.

I think there are groups of people who are "worse". Deliquents and stuff. I don't mean just like graffitiing a table, but you know, stealing, bullying and violence etc.