Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogger blogger blogger...

The other day I read in the Blogger Buzz Blog about how they've improved the 'next blog' function so it brings you to blogs similar to the one you're reading - and in the same language - and will roll it out over the next week. Ok, I might be impatient, but it's now been a week... Whenever I click 'next blog' various Portugese blogs pop up. Don't get me wrong, they look wonderful! And I'd love to read them. But my year of Spanish 8 years ago (and lunchtime catch up course last year... but we shan't count that!) has unfortunately not given me the skills to decipher Portugese.

I'm waiting in anticipation...

Impatiently yours,


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DepressionFromNowhere said...

oooh! Since reading this blog I've gotten really impatient for it too!!
Sounds fantastic!
Coz I just clicked the 'Next Blog' thing, and got "Travel, Shopping& Food in Asia"...soooo far off!
Haha, hope it happens soon!

Take care chick