Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dag 20 – Den här månaden (this month)

Well how apt that this post comes right at the end of January! I planned it well...

This month has gone crazy fast. I don't really know what's been occuring. I've been busy at work, busy with charity stuff, coughed like mad and stayed home from work a couple of days cos of flu. I've read loads of books, been in Sweden, tried to organise all my paperwork and not done a bit of sewing. This month has been fairly cold, but no snow in sight. It's getting lighter and lighter which I like - I can finally read on my way home from work! I've considered buying a Kindle but I'm still not so sure. I've discovered a lot of blogs and enjoyed reading them. I've written letters. I've wanted to do some creative writing but just not had the time.

I don't think that covers it but that's all you're getting. Pretty much sums it up, in any case.

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