Friday, January 28, 2011

Dag 18 – Min favoritfödelsedag (my favourite birthday)

I like birthdays. I don't like birthdays. I was at work on my last birthday, and - shock horror - didn't bring any cake in with me. Luckily it had been someone's leaving do the day before so we'd all eaten enough cake for the week (well...) so no one got upset. Haha. I must do better this year...

It's always a bit of a hype isn't it - you're expected to do this, to go out, to have a party and so on. I don't know, it's always a bit of pressure to *do* something. Sure I've had birthday parties - but rarely ON my birthday.

So I think I'll have to tell you about my favourite birthday party instead.

I don't actually remember if it was my 18th or 19th birthday. I think it must have been 19th? Joanna will remember! I was home alone, my parents and sister were probably off biking somewhere (man I've got a great memory) and my then-boyfriend was staying with me.

We were sat in my basement (the only cold place in the house - and the only place with a DVD player!) watching Phoenix Nights which he wasn't very keen on (actually, it must have been my 19th birthday cos I only discovered Phoenix Nights when visiting Warren and I'm sure I was 18 then!).


Patrik kept looking at his watch and I remember wondering why. Suddenly he turned the DVD off and picked up a scarf, and blind folded me. This is when I started getting suspicious. Ok, so Patrik was never the most predictable of people (ha!) but this was weird, even for him.

He led me out the door and I remember commenting on where we were going so he spun me around and around and around a few times and then kept walking. No good, it was a walk I've done at least a billion times (no exaggeration, honest!) so of course I recognised it. Still wasn't 100% sure why though, but we got to Edsbergsparken (big park, by a lake, ugly castle - for those who don't know the area!) and suddenly people were singing!

And sure enough, there were a bunch of my friends on a picnic blanket, with food and presents and cake.

In the days leading up this I'd walked in on Patrik quickly hanging up the phone, playing on my mobile etc... very odd. At the surprisebirthdaypicnic it obviously transpired that they'd been conspiring (see what I did there!) and he'd been getting numbers off my phone and Emma/Karin had been inviting people.

I still don't know who's idea it was but thank you!

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