Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dag 09 – Min tro (my faith)

Faith is not an easy one to talk about.

I hate arguing about religion, about faith. I don't want to ever have to give a definitive answer either way. Because I'd kinda like to believe in something. And I envy those that do. Just as I envy those who really don't believe. Because at least they're sure, you know?

I'm not interested in finding out what my beliefs are. I'm not interested in proving anyone right or wrong. I think faith can be absolutely beautiful and a source of strength - but it's clearly not for everyone.


Radio Waves said...

Heh, was at a family Xmas party over the hols and the host said religion, recession and politics were banned as topics for discussion at her table. Mind you, this was at 2am, it's not as if she was strict about it. :P

Julia said...

Haha. Sounds sensible to me!