Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dag 08 – Ett ögonblick (a moment)

There's music all around. Heat, dancing, small venue. People in animal costumes and people with long green coats. The crowd is singing, shrieking, dancing loudly and everyone is in tune. A panda collapses and the music stops.

From the stage water is passed into the audience in plastic pint glasses. People take a sip and pass it backwards. No one worries about spiked drinks or germs; we're all there together.

I've long since lost my friend but I've made a new friend. We barely speak all night but the connection is there.

At the end of the night I go home with a big green hand and my new friend goes home with my email address on his arm.

This is a long moment but it's one of those evenings you never forget.

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