Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dag 11 – Mina syskon (my siblings)

Well this is awkward. I've already written about her once! Shall I give her a whole other post as well or will she get bigheaded?

Well alright then.

I have one sister. She is 2 years younger than me (pretty much exactly) and I used to introduce her to people as 'Joanna without h'. Johanna is a much more common name than Joanna in Sweden and loads of people used to get it wrong. Clearly this annoyed me. I don't know if it annoyed her quite as much?

We used to play together a lot, and I think we still would if I lived in Stockholm. She's good fun - a bit too Lisa Simpson-esque for some maybe (hah! Sorry!) but I think she's just right. She knows what she believes in and she stands up for it. Nevermind that it's led to some arguments between us in the past, but that's the great thing about the people you love, you're allowed to disagree and fight and scream because you always make up, eventually.

When I was that horrible almost-teen age I was horrible to her. So please, consider this my public apology for the times I called you a bitch (I'd only just learned the word ok!), the times I slapped you and the time I told you dad was santa (ok, the santa thing might have been earlier than when I was an almost-teen, but I AM sorry for that too).

I miss you all the time Joanna.

If you want to visit her (rather brilliant!) blog you can find it here: http://blogg.joannaforsberg.se
There will also be a website there, soon. Soon. I promise.


Dan P said...

Did you miss the h off the incorrect spelling?!

Joanna said...


Julia said...

Dan - as I remember it I did say Johanna, but only because when I said 'Joanna without h' people would get confused... I may remember it wrong though!


Joanna said...

Wait - you said Johanna?