Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dag 23 – Det här får mig att må bättre (this makes me feel better)

After yesterday's post I guess a feelgood post is in order...!

There's a whole lotta stuff that makes me feel better. And what works obviously depends on what made me feel bad in the first place. But fabric/crafts often does the trick.

I went to Abakhan on Monday. It's my best place. Ever. I didn't have that long but could have spent hours and hours and hours in there. They have massive bins of cut offs where they charge by the kilo. It's ace. You can ask them to cut it to length as well, obviously. I'm not good at fabrics, I don't know what anything is or what they're for - I go by how they feel and what they look like. Didn't buy much, one fabric for a skirt and one for a curtain (bedroom door has big window so need to cover it!), and I got some yarn and a crochet needle. Will show you results at some point...

Anyway. Spend hours - pretty fabrics - feel better. Simple!

Also - solidarity like this gives me back some hope about humanity.

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