Thursday, February 17, 2011

03 – Your favourite series

I've not read these in years but the Tomorrow when the war began-series is an all time favourite of mine. I know they're aimed at teens and I must have been about 11 when I read them but in my mind they're classics suited to any age. Ok, maybe not young kids. But you get me.


And breathe.

It's written by John Marsden, a series of 7 books about some teenagers who go camping only to discover their country is at was when they return home. They're virtually on their own, and form a sort of rebel alliance/underground resistance group. It's a wonderful story (apart from Australia being at war, obviously) with strong characters and beautiful stories of friendship and relationships.

Wikipedia also tells me that "In 2000, the Swedish government selected Tomorrow, When the War Began as the book most likely to inspire a love of reading in young people, and financed the printing and distribution of the novel to teenage school students in the country"

Anyhoo. Read the books. GOGOGO!

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